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the entitled white-knight rises · 6:44pm Dec 6th, 2020


Disney + May Have Been a Mistake · 7:04pm Nov 13th, 2019

And that's just my first skim through the archive. They have Gravity Falls! And the new Ducktales is fugging hilarious.

Also I finally started watching the new She-Ra. Pretty cliche-ridden, but... in a nostalgic way I guess? The art is killer, tho', and Catra is pretty chill.

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DuckKing reviews: A threat for future plans · 3:58pm Apr 8th, 2018

So, Mykan has a "plan" it seems.

I'm watching later Season 8 eps leaked on Dailymotion...

Jesus Christ. At least go for kimcartoons.

And I'm going to try a little experiment.

Does it involve you stucking your head in an oven?

The episodes are there, they just doesn't have any background music, but if next week the episode plays out exactly the same as I see it now...

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DuckKing reviews MLP Part 5.1: The Leakening! · 8:53am Apr 16th, 2018

So, the DuckKing is “reviewing” episodes that have been leaked by the Russians. Which screws over my review scheme, cause I want to mock him, but I am also not going to spoil anything till the episodes aired. So over the next days, I mock his "reviews" and just post my regular reviews up on saturday and sunday.
Lets go for it now.

I'm going for it...

With the words of Shia LaIdiot: JUST DO IT!

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DuckKing reviews MLP Part 4: Review and Mocking in Las Pegasus · 3:24pm Apr 15th, 2018

A bit of a change of pace: From now on, I will combine my review of the latest episodes with the mock itself. Thus, before I get to mocking his “review”, my own two cents on the subject of “Grannies Gone wild”, the most unsubtle attempt of the writers of MLP to get crap under the radar.

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