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DuckKing reviews MLP Part 4: Review and Mocking in Las Pegasus · 3:24pm Apr 15th, 2018

A bit of a change of pace: From now on, I will combine my review of the latest episodes with the mock itself. Thus, before I get to mocking his “review”, my own two cents on the subject of “Grannies Gone wild”, the most unsubtle attempt of the writers of MLP to get crap under the radar.

So, in a nutshell: I thought the episode was a bit dull. The idea for the plot, Character A has to take care of other characters but does not a well job at handling them, as they are mothered to a ridiculous degree, is not necessarily a plotline I really enjoy in cartoons as such, because the degree to which the mothering occurs may sometimes not be ridiculous enough that it becomes funny again. Like when Applejack mothered Applebloom.

That said, unlike some angry internet retards who can’t get over the fact when shows do something they consider dull, I am not going to call this episode an atrocity. And by the way, this was not targeted at the DuckKing for once, bt at Mr. Enter. Cause fuck this guy.

But I digress. So yeah, the plot was not really all that mindblowing and utterly funny for me. Which I find a bit sad, cause I actually am a huge Rainbow Dash fan and seeing her geek out about the rollercoaster was kinda fun. Also, I will say the ending with Dash and the Golden Mares (lets face it, they were the Golden Girls of MLP) was nice. You know, not staying mad too long, getting through the apology fast instead of stretching it out for a few minutes and so on.

Also, while I did not necessarily like the plot, I liked something else really here, which is always a huge selling point for me in MLP: The animation.

See, I am a bit of a sucker for colorful backgrounds and just filling a show with characters. To give the show a bit of life so to speak. And while I know there are also shows who do it better than MLP, I adore MLP for background and set designs here and there, which help making that little toy world feel more fleshed out. As such, I loved to see Las Pegasus again and how there was additional stuff added to it from season six onwards. On that note: Kudos Flim and Flam for making it big there.

Also, I love the character of Jack Pot introduced in this episode. Not because he has a deep personality or is extremely funny. No. Simply for the fact, that he may be…

Trixie: Daddy?

That. I now want to see fanart of these two. Heck, I hope that when Trixie is featured as a character, a future episode confirms him to be the dad. Cause hot damn, this shit writes itself.

Also, for the sake of ignoring the Sezchuan sauce obsessed idiots, I will not speak big about the cameo of two certain dimension hoppers in the line of a roller coaster. They did not happen. No reason to get shwifty or “meseeks” for attention.

With that all out of the way, I give the episode 5 out of ten VIP tickets for a magic show and hope Dash and the old ladies had some extra fun after the roller coaster.

Now please MLP, don’t name another episode after a porn video series. I really do not need an episode with the title “Two Mares, one tea cup”.

Now, up to the Duckking “review”

Maybe this episode will help my cold go away (If it makes me sick enough to puke) Ha!

Again, what is it with you and puking? Go get a doctor if you have to vomit as often as you do.


The Golden Girls porn parody not even the Cinema Snob wants to look at. Wade Wilson on the other hoof…

I'm with the other ponies, not interested... and I hate Roller Coasters!
-No Damage

So? I am not a fan of rollercoasters myself. Did not put that in consideration for my criticism. And if someone asks, I have an issue with heights. That’s why I am not a fan of them. Otherwise, have fun if you like them.

The ride is shutting down, eh... I remember I was one of the last people to ride UNIVERSAL ENERGY at Disney
-No Damage

Good for you. I was one of the last people to ride the “Song of the South” ride, before it was closed down for reasons related to political correctness. Such bullshit. I mean, the minstrel show guys didn't even harvest cotton for fucks sake.

Perhaps Rainbow should've asked one of the OTHERS to look after her class.
-200 (For being a dunce)
LIFE POINTS: 8000 ----> 7800

Well, he has a point here. I know how this sounds. Me, saying the DuckKing has a point? Well people, it’s 2018. The year when some of the most bizarre shit ever happens on the net. Just ask anyone working for Channelawesome. You know, all the two people.

*Shudders* Elderly flirting with the young. I'm docking that for making me shudder...
LIFE POINTS: 7800 ----> 7600

Just because that one pony wanted to let him stick his apple in her candy syrup.
And I think I should now provide some brain bleach for my readers.

*The coin scene* Eeyup... another reason I prefer ponies be anthro and have hands (you can avoid that)
-No Damage
You know, if they were anthro, she may have simply slapped his butt and tried to sell him her “goods”.

It is so bizarre for me, that he wants them all to be anthros, when anthros are so much easier to turn into porn than this.

Tsk-Tsk Rainbow... (It was obvious she was going to abandon the grandmares)
-200 (For being reckless)
LIFE POINTS: 7600 ----> 7400

So far he really does not take away many points. What is going on? Has the DuckKing mellowed down? (looks at the spoiler reviews he did) Nope. He must have tired himself out on the other five episodes.

Now I'm gonna dock her more points for taking what Applejack said too seriously, and throwing the horseshoe game out of idiocy.
LIFE POINTS: 7400 ----> 6900

Really? If she ruined Pinkie Pie’s fun, you would rather celebrate her with a hopscotch dance for doing it.

And she blows it again by disrupting the magic show and ruining it for everyone

Ruining it for everyone? So Rainbow Dash is the Mike Michaud of MLP? No wait. Her apologies are sincere.

LIFE POINTS: 6900 ----> 5900
I can't dock her for being overly protective,

I bet if it was Pinkie or Twilight, he would really take a lot of points out of total bias.

and Applejack IS the one who put her up to this... I guess that's it.
FINAL SCORE: 5900 (Half and Half)

I wouldn’t really call that hald and half, seeing how it is pretty much a rating of almost 75% fresh here.

Don’t really know what to say. Surprisingly less petty as he is normally. And considering that Rainbow Dash is the pony that beats up Rhymey in you know whose fanfics regularly, I would have expected a more viscious criticism of Rainbow Dash just out of spite.

Oh well, time to get over the “spoiler” reviews sooner or later.

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You pretty much summed up the reason I'm not gonna be riffing Mykan's review on this episode. He wasn't petty enough so he didn't give me enough to work with. In fact I'd say it's the only "real" review he's done so far.

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