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DuckKing reviews: A threat for future plans · 3:58pm Apr 8th, 2018

So, Mykan has a "plan" it seems.

I'm watching later Season 8 eps leaked on Dailymotion...

Jesus Christ. At least go for kimcartoons.

And I'm going to try a little experiment.

Does it involve you stucking your head in an oven?

The episodes are there, they just doesn't have any background music, but if next week the episode plays out exactly the same as I see it now...

What do you expect the episode to play out aside of the background sounds?
Okay look, real talk here, for those unaware what is going on: In December 2017, some russian hackers managed to get a hold of a lot of information from Hasbro and dhx. Information regarding G5 of MLP, plans for the entire eight and ninth season and so on. The former is also the main reason why you can find on tvtropes the basic information on what is else going to happen in this season within the recap section (at least the three line summary version). The leak also containt 4-5 episodes of MLP that were essentially finished, but lacked background music and noise here and there. Including an episode focused on Celestia and the one about Chrysalis returning to the show.
That said, I am not going to spoil more right now for those who may want to watch it later on till it airs for real.
The thing is, I have watched all the episodes already. Most of them were okay. And I know they are not just going to rewrite, redraw and resynch the entire stuff from scratch, because Ivan got the better of the EDV guy of Hasbro.
What does Mykan expect to happen in these episodes aside of what he already saw? That suddenly the flying spagheti monster shows up and gobbles up Manehattan?

then I will be reviewing the episodes I watch from LEAKED episodes. It'll save me a HECK of a lot of waiting.

You just want to be a spoil sport and make anyone else feel miserable, who may have actually standards when it comes to supporting the official release. And I know this sounds hypocritical coming from someone who also watched the stuff already. But here is the thing: First, I am still going to watch the actual episode when it comes out. Second, I am not trying to spoil it for those who do not want to be spoiled to such a degree as you plan. Third, you just watch this shit because you are yandere for MLP.

You don't want to see LEAKED SPOILERS, then stay off my blogs, and don't give me the old "Wait like the rest of us to watch it properly"

Or you could use the spoiler tag and be for once in your life nice to those who do not attack you. I get you are petty enough to try and ruin it for anyone who does not like your stories, but the once who do?
At this point I wonder how angry he would get if someone spoiled his favorite new show or something.
.... hey Mykan, want to know how Ninja Steel ends?

What's the difference between watching it NOW than next week...? I DON'T HAVE TO WAIT, That's what.

We all know the waiting is the hardest part, but come on. I mean, are you trying to be so fast also when you jerk it to Lucy Loud?

Besides, maybe we all can wait a little bit, but we can't wait forever. If I may quote from 2002 "DEATH TO SMOOCHEY"

The fact he actually knows a more adult oriented comedy at all is perplexing at this point.

Harvey Firestien: "I don't wanna hear "Eventually". Eventually we all grow old and die... but sometimes, the growing old part doesn't happen!" (Sharpens a knife)

It has been a long time since I watched the movie, but.. was that a threat? It sounds like a threat. So why is Mykan taking it out of context and tries to make a life lesson of it?
... oh right, because he doe snot understand "context". Also, what are you implying, Mykan? That you are going to die soon and that one of your life's biggest regrets will be if you don't pee on Celestia being a worse actress than you?
If that is your biggets regret you could have in life, I think you need to visit the "Get a life" foundation.

Just thought I'd give you all fair warnings (I'm watching it leaked)

Good for you. Now how about you try to actually improve your life?

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