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Happy Halloween! I Wrote Something! · 7:26pm Oct 31st, 2016

Happy halloween everybody! I hope everyone has fun tonight whether it's giving out candy, trick or treating, making a sweet costume or staying shoved up in a cubby playing Left 4 Dead 2. Whatever floats your boat, but I everyone has a great time and stays safe. :pinkiesmile:

Also, as the title suggests, I wrote something!

Now that I have you're attention, let me crush your any enthusiasm you may have had!

It's orginial fiction.

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Overanalysis is Magic: Just how large are the Canterlot Archives in the Your Human And You-verse? · 4:19pm Apr 21st, 2016

>>Be me
>>Be re-reading Chapter 33 of Your Human and You by MadMaxtheBlack

“Over two million books,” Twilight spoke up from beside me. I glanced over at her and saw her staring out upon the sea of bookshelves in front, above, and below us with a dreamy expression on her face. Sighing happily, she turned to look at me, giving me a large smile, “Welcome to the Archives.”

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MadMaxtheBlack wrote a thing for me. · 8:00am Sep 18th, 2016

What...what is this...

So...y-you know that big deal writer named MadMaxtheBlack? You know, the guy who wrote all that popular stuff that everyone likes, who everyone loves, who we had on the podcast that one time.

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Ello??? · 4:22pm Apr 6th, 2017

well first things First I guess.

I'm more of a visual artist then a writer, But I wanna try my hand with authoring up. I'm currently however a little "obsessed" over one MadMaxtheBlack's Your Human & You at the moment, so if anything, expect something in that Verse. =P sorry.

With that. twas short & sweet yes... =P ttfn then yes. Thank you much.


Loathsome Rage: A Response to MrNumbers from the Erotic Writing Community · 4:30am Jan 11th, 2019

This blog is the result of a shared opinion between myself and multiple other voices in the erotic writing scene. Me, MadMaxtheBlack, Shakespearicles, Some Leech, Anonymous Pegasus, ClopficsintheComments, Alcatraz, Distorted Flare, B_25… we’ve all read what MrNumbers has to say about the current state of porn on FimFiction, and we’re here to voice our responses.

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