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Mal is bae · 9:19am Dec 13th, 2015

Mal is bae.

That is all.

Oh wait! That is not all!

She kinda looks a bit like a human Twilight Sparkle, doesn't she? I wonder if that's part of the appeal for me? Probably. I'm not going to over-analyse the situation. Sis always tells me I do that.


Descendants crossovers · 6:39pm Nov 30th, 2020

So far, I’ve been working on a lot of Descendants crossovers. So, those who love Descendants, here’s my opinion on who is who and why. I haven’t decided on Celia, the Smee twins and Dizzy yet.

Mal:Sunset Shimmer. Because Sunset is an ex villain and she is pretty nice and does know a lot of spells.

Evie: Rarity. The fashion queen

Jay: Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is mega sporty and isn’t interested in having boyfriends.

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my once upon a time · 1:23pm January 3rd


MetaVerse Update - 06-10-20 · 5:54am Jun 10th, 2020

Hello MetaVerse Fans! 

I am indeed alive and well and as far as I can tell so are most if not all of the support team! 

The COVID19 issues were an amazingly hurtful set back for us. Mainly me as I have a job where I am deemed vital and thus got no time off during this. Between my crew at work and myself we were doing the job of 900 people with maybe 90% less staff. I won't go into details but it's been tiring. 

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