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Top 9 Seasons of MLP · 4:34am Dec 21st, 2019

Since MLP is over, I wanted to show what were my rankings on all of the seasons of the show. From 9 - 1 = Worst to Best.

#9. Season 8
I hated this season the most because it had a lot of episodes that I wished didn't existed. From Discord acting childish in A Matter of Principals to Twilight not listening to the CMC in Marks for Effort. There were only a few good episodes in Season 8 such as A Rockhoof and a Hard Place, Horse Play, Surf and or Turf, and The Parent Map.

#8. Season 3

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MLP Season 3 Episode Rankings · 1:39am February 3rd

This is my ranking for Season 3 of MLP: Worst to Best = 13 - 1:

13.One Bad Apple
12.Keep Calm and Flutter On
11. Just for Sidekicks
10. The Crystal Empire Part 1
9. The Crystal Empire Part 2
8. Sleepless in Ponyville
7. Apple Family Reunion
6. Too Many Pinkie Pies
5. Wonderbolt Academy
4. Spike at Your Service
3. Games Ponies Play
2. Magical Mystery Cure
1. Magic Duel


MLP Season 8 Episode Rankings · 2:36am February 1st

I might as well go through with my ranks of the episodes from what I thought was the worst season of MLP. #26 - 1 = Worst to Best.

26. A Matter of Principals
25. Marks for Efforts
24. Yakity - Sax
23. Road to Friendship
22. Father Knows Beast
21. School Raze Part 2
20. School Raze Part 1
19. Friendship University
18. The Mean Six
17. The Maud Couple
16. The Break Up Break Down
15. The Sound of Silence
14. Molt Down
13. Grannies Gone Wild
12. School Daze Part 1

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Trapeze Star Group made! · 9:34pm Dec 11th, 2019

I just created a group for Trapeze Star! If you don't know who that is, she was the acrobatic mare who appeared in Viva Las Pegasus. If you want to join the group and post fanfics that involve Trapeze Star, here is the link:

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