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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.

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Top 9 Seasons of MLP · 4:34am Dec 21st, 2019

Since MLP is over, I wanted to show what were my rankings on all of the seasons of the show. From 9 - 1 = Worst to Best.

#9. Season 8
I hated this season the most because it had a lot of episodes that I wished didn't existed. From Discord acting childish in A Matter of Principals to Twilight not listening to the CMC in Marks for Effort. There were only a few good episodes in Season 8 such as A Rockhoof and a Hard Place, Horse Play, Surf and or Turf, and The Parent Map.

#8. Season 3
I didn't hate this season as it had a few good episodes in it.

#7. Season 5
I enjoyed this season as it showed some good episodes such as Slice of Life and Crusaders of the Lost Mark. It wasn't the perfect season as it had a few not so good episodes such as Princess Spike, Party Pooped, and What About Discord?.

#6. Season 4
This season was alright as it mostly involved the Mane Six learning lessons that involve their elements of harmony. The season also showed Twilight starting her journey as a princess of Equestria and I thought that was good.

#5. Season 6
It was good to see Starlight making lots of progress in Season 6. There were also some good episodes in this season such as Dungeons and Discord, Stranger than Fanfiction, and Viva Las Pegasus.

#4. Season 1
I enjoyed a majority of the episodes in Season 1 as it had some good lessons that started things off for the show.

#3. Season 9
Even though this season had some bad episodes, I enjoyed some of the episodes that helped bring the show to the end.

#2. Season 2
This season was good as it showed how the writers kicked things up a notch since Season 1. I also enjoyed the Canterlot Wedding finale as it had a decent amount of action to it.

#1. Season 7
I would say that Season 7 was the season that helped the show reach its highest peak. This is because Big Mac got to find love, we got to find out more about the Apple parents, it showed the origins of the Elements of Harmony, we got to know more about Rainbow’s parents, and it allowed Starlight got more character development when she tried to convince Twilight and the others that facing the Pony of Shadows was a friendship problem.

These are my rankings for the 9 seasons of MLP. What were your rankings on MLP’s 9 seasons?

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I'm with you on season 8. Despite it introducing us to the young six, it was the show's low point.

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