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100 Likes! · 3:43pm Mar 7th, 2018

We did it... we made it to 100 likes, we've finally made it! :raritystarry:

Everyone... you all deserve a round of applause!

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100 likes for Feathered Hearts: Eros! · 6:23pm August 27th

Not a bad showing for a story that breaks the rules of most successful Fimfiction clopfics, for a) not being about the Mane 6, b) not involving ponies, and c) not being a second-person, anon-based futa or anthro fic; never mind the fact that I was borrowing another author’s story and characters for its basis. Then again, I already did that in Five Star Service and The Lawyer and The Unicorn, which were also quite successful over time, so that’s a good or bad habit of mine

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