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ah yes every ones favorite giant killer nuclear foot ball lobbing robot so who has some good memes or comments involving him or fallout?

Oh wait, I've found some more:

2377473 I suddenly wonder what it'd be like if Liberty Prime appeared in the Equestrian Wasteland?


Saw that one already but still good


Shhh they couldn't handle it

2377777 Because he is invulnerable to anything that isn't scripted? And has infinite nuclear footballs? And has a freaking Gatling Tesla laser eye beam?

2377820 *Doesn't get it*


*gets hit with mini nuke by liberty prime*

2377858 *Had god mode enabled*


*a wild doctor hax appears *

2377909 *Bludgeons it to death with a Liberty Prime baseball bat*


*holds out a phone and enables god mod and disables it for you and bans you for 3 months*

2377958 *Bypasses the ban and perma bans you and deletes all your profile information and steals your email address, signing it up to thousands of spam sites*


*fbi marks you as terrorists and kills you durning wwIII with out any consequences cause of victors justice*

Group Contributor

2378083 *Had hidden large biological bombs in the united states set to detonate upon his death that contained a virus that turned all who were infected with it into zombies*


*the sun explodes and causes a black hole that has a troll face also look what my girl got for me as an early Christmas gift*

2378174 That a statue, or a costume?


2000$ dollars per suit of this IRL power armor and its like master chiefs power armor it also has a clock in you crotch

2378197 Eeeh I could probably make better if I learnt mechanical engineering and electronics.


It has two holsters a laser pointer in the helm an air conditioner that solar powered pepper spray and someone could hit you with a 2x4 and you wouldn't feel it you can also get shot with a pistol up to a desert eagle caliber and not get wounded

2378226 I could still probably do better, though it'd more likely turn out as an exo-skeletal suit rather than power armor.


Yeah japan has already done that but this is awesome it also increases your endurance as well as your running speed by 10 MPH increases your lifting strength by 250 also I could pump 300 until I get board

2378292 Or until the capacitor runs dry. Fun fact: New Zealand has robot bees.


Fun fact its solar powered and has a pendulum that swings the more you use It the more its charged also has a RC car with camera feed and a Kevlar and steel riot shield with bullet proof glass view port

2378326 That's a dynamo charger. It utilises kinetic energy to recharge the suits capacitors. But my exo-suit would likely have a dynamo, a solar generator, and a fuel cell for night-time excursions.


*it had both bro so just stop trying to one up the best Suit of power armor on the market*

2378574 Does it have a helium-argon laser? That is the question.


I can use my iron man glove while wearing it so yeah it does and yes you can look it up

2380232 that's nothing compared to the suit from F.E.A.R 2 project origin


Except its real life and you can purchase it for 2000$ dollar

2380498 its not really affordable and doesn't have dual vulcans


But is going into military use in 2015

2380829 actually I think the big daddy suits better

2385963 Your power armor is still insignificant when compared to an M1 Abrams Main Battle tank. Just sayin'.


Except its cheaper to produce doesn't use ungodly amounts of resources and can be used by any body and they don't have to be put in billion dollar simulator

2386763 Yes, but it doesn't have a 135mm cannon, does it?


Yeah about that 3,000,000,000 or 2,000 and can be produced faster and can be used by mr average American or secret service

2387025 Well does it protect Mr, american from .50 cal rounds? Also, I doubt the secret service would wear them, it'd be a dead give away.


Yeah but imagine special forces becoming one man army's

2387107 Then they'd be wiped out by bio warheads, those suits aren't environmentally sealed from the looks of it.


Bio warheads are banned by Geneva convention

2387154 Still won't stop terrorists.

2387186 You missed an apostrophe in won't.

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