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The Psychopath
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Welcome to this group! By now, you must be comfortably strapped into your chair so as to not fall out when it moves. For those who don't know what the World of Illogic and the World of Insanity are, you can read my stories The true Psychopath and The true Psychopath: Chaos vs Illogic. The rest are currently within the group folder 'Stories related to Psycho's world'. If there are more stories that arrive, then I will separate them into their own folder that only I will have access to. The user stories will have their own folder. However, to avoid you needing to read them, especially if you don't want to, I'll do a run down here then explain the precise purpose of this group.

The worlds:

The World of Illogic

The World of Illogic is a place that functions (or does it function? Who knows?)outside of any form of logic. When you think you understand it, it changes, but for the person that is next to you and still doesn't understand, it'll still function the same for them. If you try to use them, then it'll change for you but still work for them. That's purposely confusing, OR IS IT?!The World of Illogic cannot be understood by those outside of its world, and to join, one must give their sanity to a herald. However, you must attract the attention of a herald to join the Illogic, and you must not follow any forms of cruelty or 'evil'.

The only herald of the Illogic currently known is Psycho the Psychopath and he's a joyful prankster. A herald is a rare but unique individual belonging to a world. They are the closest anyone has to the core essence of their respective worlds. As such, Psycho follows no rules of any reality and bends them however he wants with the intention of harmlessly pranking someone or a large group of someones.

Only Psycho possesses this power. Any other member has a single ability that is usually emphasized with their joining to the Illogic. Another point should be noted that any individual can outright modify their physical appearance to fit what they want or most feel like. And just because you gave your 'sanity' to Psycho does not you're completely crazy. Even the more insane members of the Illogic agree that Psycho is in a league entirely his own.

You have no obligations to the the Illogic when you join, and if you are 'killed' or your body destroyed, your soul is returned to the Illogic where your body is remade without consequences. Just don't be mean to those who don't deserve it or you'll be kicked out of the Illogic without hesitation.
This would be Psycho (with the wrong hat):


The World of Insanity

Unlike the World of Illogic, the World of Insanity represents the darkest side of chaos. As such, its members are extremely cruel and many are rather talented tricksters and murderers. Its functions are incredibly similar to the World of Illogic, although this one exists for different purposes.

Where the Illogic is there to protect others from chaos and have fun, the World of Insanity is there to spread pain and chaos. Its world is a twisted hellscape that follows just that thought pattern. Members who join are never allowed to leave again, and if they fail a mission appointed to them or simply die doing what they love, then their body is reconstituted, but not before the soul suffers terrible torture.

There are many known heralds of Insanity, but the most known within the Psycho-Verse is The Sociopath: A once proud Supreme Commander of the Council's MIlitia; the predecessors of the Royal Guards. He holds a seething hatred for Psycho and anything Illogic. Another note of interest is that he despizes the princess, the ponies whom Psycho foalsat back when they were still young fillies, due to certain events that transpired towards his becoming a member of the insanity. Sour and perpetually angry, this herald of Illogic acts calm and collected and uses thorns that he summons from any area as a weapon. After all, he was know as 'Impaler' during the griffin wars.
While he truly wants to kill the sisters, he cannot approach them within their castle in the Psycho-verse as they are protected by the Illogic.

Due to its nature, as said before, the Insanity has some very crafty and skillful members who love to kill and torture, but not just these simplistic things, but they must constantly sate its appetite for all things pain, or else it will turn on its members.

Unlike the Illogic, the Insanity has a hierarchy even amongst its heralds, and these determine how much 'amusement' they have given their world as well as their skills. There are heralds stronger than even Sociopath.

I have no individual drawings of Sociopath as no one ever drew him on his own, so sorry for that. He's on the group icon, if that helps.

Purpose of group

As stated on the front page, the primary purpose of this group is for stories that were made in the Psycho-Verse. These are basically any stories based off of my own with "The true Psychopath" series.

As with any groups, however, I cannot just have its only purpose be that. As such, this place was also for writing comedic and/or crazy stories and sharing them with everyone as well as making posts just to let everyone laugh a bit and share their opinion. It's also useful for those that need help in what they write, if needed, but there are more specialized groups for that. You can also ask others for story collaborations here (and hope for the best). Be certain to be descriptive about what you want, then you can discuss the necessary between yourselves.

We're also trying to make contests that won't be centered only around Psycho's world, but other subjects as well. This is still a work in progress and must be discussed and developed first.


Unfortunately, as you can see in the boxes, the only 'new' stories this place has ever gotten are extremely violent ones that I will be purging and will not be returning unless the author comes and does it themselves. I'll keep a specific folder for them.

So... can there be stories based on outright craziness... or not?

The Psychopath
Group Admin

4623642 Comments like these help me solidify and improve what I've already written. Yes. Just don't only make random gory stuff. It's unnecessary. That is written in there, anyways.

4623729 Alright. I don't write gore anyways so...:twilightsmile:

The Psychopath
Group Admin

4624603 Okily dokily.

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