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today we look our favorite little bot, Bumblebee.



first three movies


RID 2015

prime seasons 1 and 2

prime season 3

TF 4 version 1

TF 4 version 2

Hearts of steel


Universe MMO

Animated Shattered glass

comment for any i missed and for the next Transformer.

Do starscream!

4164539 Funny you should post this day before Robots in Disguise (2015) airs on Cartoon Network. The live action movie Bumblebee from Age of Extincition has a pretty cool second design, believe it or not. Also, I don't think you included Shattered Glass Bumblebee, unless Bumblebee doesn't exisit in the Shattered Glass universe.

4164552 I second this wholeheartedly.

4164539 You forgot Shattered Glass Animated Bumblebee

4164539 Also I think you should have an easy character for your next one. So with that said Waspintor or Bulkhead.

4164574 You can see the only version of Bumblebee in a Shattered Glass universe in my comment.

4164552 Would he have to count Waspintor in that seeing as Starscream took over his body once?

I agree with both of you, my cannon mode's targeting system needs to be recalibrated.

4164720 I don't think so. We do see Starscream's design for a moment, but otherwise all we see of him is his voice in Waspinator's body.

Okay not related guys but anyone else notice the red bot in the tf4 pic resembles a bit of gurren lagann at that angle?

Seriously it does!

4164890 What about Ghost Starscream and Spark Starscream?

4164896 Except it doesn't really look alike besides being red.

I don't see it Stinger is inspired by Bumblebee not on GL.

Seriously it doesn't.

You left out his Goldbug upgrades that he had in G1 and other continuities.

4165354 take a good look at the torso of stinger the black part looks like the shades of gurren, the middle resembles the teeth of the gurren. At that angle stinger's torso does seem to resemble a face which I made the connection to gurren lagann there.

4166417 The black part looks like eyes but not Gurren's eyes.

Like I said I can barley see a resemblance and any connection you see is purely coincidental and not purposely designed like that.

Edit: here is a better photo of Stinger (Evil Bumblebee clone)

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