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Bad Horse
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Everfree NW is on for 2021, though with some covid precautions in place.

4/17/21 announcement: At this point in time, we still intend to hold Everfree Northwest 2021 on its scheduled dates of August 13-15, 2021. ... However, this could change at any time. ... Everfree Northwest plans to follow CDC recommendations. Some of our basic safety procedures will include:

  • Increased hand sanitizing stations
  • Mask enforcement in public areas
  • Anything else mandated by the government or recommended by public health officials

Additionally, we are uncertain what regulations the state government might impose upon large gatherings once they are permissible again. Because of this, we are recommending that vaccinated individuals hold onto their Record Cards in the event that the government requires proof of vaccination to attend large gatherings.

I recommend carrying your vaccination card with you if you're flying, because without it, you might not be allowed to fly back home again.

I don't yet know if you need to show photo ID to get into the con. The Policies page says,

All parties are required to carry government issued photo identification at all times, per Washington state law.

There is no such Washington state law, so I don't know what the photo ID policy will be.

I'm planning to go. I'm not a speaker and haven't submitted any panels, tho that may change. Panel submission deadline is 11:59pm on June 18th, 2021. Everfree does not reimburse registration costs for panelists.

Looking forward to it.

I’m still weighing my options, so I don’t have a firm answer.

If I do, I’m willing to help out on panels that require minimum preparation on my part, and you’ve paneled with me before so you know what to expect :P

EDIT: I should have a firm answer by tomorrow

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