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Group Admin

Okay, it's March Story Challenge Time! And this time we have a prize! A cover, that will be drawn by a secret artist (who asked to be secret so he or she can be revealed later! :yay:)

The March challenge is: The Law
How do AE and HE species deal with different aspects of it?
- How do you fine a pegasus or a gryphon for flying above Class G airspace without a permit?
- What happens to the first pony that forgets to wear clothing and gets arrested for public nudity?
- What happens to the first human in Equestria that breaks a law there?

Inquiring minds want to know! So get scribbling! Deadline is March 15!

The Rules (because we must have some):
- Must have something to do with the law.
- Can involve the legally-involved characters (e.g. Sam, Indigo Horizon, etc.) or new ones
- OCs and characters not previously introduced into the AAGverse are allowed.
- No alternate timeline fics for this one (sorry, no killing off significant characters.) :twilightsheepish:
- When you submit, either post the link below or drop a line to one of the admins, (me, Cody or Blue) and we'll add to the appropriate AAG fanfic folder

Flynt Coal
Group Contributor

2869229 A story about The Law, huh?

In all seriousness though, I might actually have an idea for this if time/life will allow it!

I think I have an idea. A glorious idea involving a crime most foul...or not. Need to bounce the idea off of some friends.

Group Admin


Chickens are not a sentient species in Equestria, so I'm afraid your idea may not count.

To my defence, I forgot that new stories have to go through approval. Sorry.

An interesting idea for a story would be how would the law handle a cattle farmer killing a cow from alter earth mistaking it for a cow from his farm. (If only I was any good at writing)

Considering that even today there's such a thing as slaughter procedure, starting by identifying each and every piece of a herd before being accepted by a slaughterhouse, the case would never be qualified as manslaughter and would fly directly into premeditated murder.

Flynt Coal
Group Contributor

I'm just going to leave this here, put on a pair of sunglasses and walk away in slow motion.

The Long Arm

Group Admin

The March challenge is now closed. Let me confer with the guys and see whether Nacho or Flynt - this month's challenge entrants - gets the prize!

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