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Best pictur EVER!

I like it! Background ponies are so much fun to write for. They have just enough framework to work with without forcing you to adhere to more established personality types like with the mane six. I tend to ship them in odd couples, which is both fun and challenging.

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Glad you like it. :yay:
Know anybody who might want to join the group?

2493593 I can't name individuals, but the members of Crack Ship Inc. tend to lean towards writing background pony stories. Alexanderhunt88 is the only person I would say that I'd feel confident that I could say may be a potential member. He likes background pony stories and is a heck of a nice guy to boot.

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I'm not a member of that group, so I have a couple of questions for you:
1. What's their stance on promoting other groups?
2. Is that something you'd feel comfortable doing?

2496439 1. I have no idea. 2. I surely would. I'll find out and get back to you.

Hey, just got here from Garbo802's group. Figured I'd join this one, too.

So yeah, I enjoy stories using... well, ponies in general, really. But the background ponies do seem less used, especially as main characters. I guess it's because we have to come up with most of it ourselves, where the show's main characters are relatively fleshed out.

And there seems to be only a few that are used a lot. Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch... here I am, not helping that much, but there you go.

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