The 1st Equestrian Lawnmower Brigade 20 members · 45 stories

The 1st Equestrian Lawnmower brigade is a collection of FiMFiction users that have been a part of Kaidan's Skype calls in his livestreams, or here to enjoy Kaidan!

UPDATE 9/16/13: The Brigade has opened to the public! ALL may join!

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332432 Indeed. Let us never forget the lawnmower

Why did none of you tell me this was here?! :rainbowlaugh: I still remember why such a thing was thought of and it doesn't stop being funny. :derpytongue2:

328718 This is the only group that I have notifications on.

Please don't make this one of those groups that has a million groups. I prefer notifications to be on.

328675 This whole thing is actually a inside joke...I don't know if I can find which livestream it's from.... oh, here it is. I'll send it over a PM, for Kaidan's sake.

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