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On the Pony Earth, the minor Cosmic being Wise Dreamer, incarnate in his Aspect as White-Beard the Grey, taught Trixie Lulamoon the art of stage magic, and in the process taught her enough morality and wisdom that she avoided falling into Nightmare. But Wise Dreamer can't be everywhere at once; and there is no current analogue of him in the Humanoid world. When Wise Dreamer learns that the humanoid version of Trixie is in danger of falling into Nightmare, he reaches across the void to recruit an inhabitant of that world to aid her during this crucial phase of her education.

But Trixie has a problem with authority figures. Who can he find whom he can be pretty certain Trixie will love and respect enough to heed?

Shadow Wars loose canon, takes place in part on Equestrian-Earth-Prime or a very close timeline in the same bundle in January YOH 1505 and in part on two Humanoid Earths, one in CE 2016 and one in CE 2010-2015.

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