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The Magnus Archives May Be a Podcast · 5:27pm Oct 14th, 2022



So Rusty Quill, the production company of The Magnus Archives, has been acting oddly these last few days, and by acting oddly I mean posting codes and ciphers on their social media account, making updates to the official YouTube playlists of all the episodes with no actual changes being visible (implying that they're unlisted... for now), and using eye and web emojis in their posts. One of the codes is 'Statement Remains'. There was a feed drop of Martin asking if we were still listening. As one tumblr post put it, the safety bell above the grave of TMA has started ringing. ONE CODE APPARENTLY TRANSLATES AS THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES TWO AND I'M BEING SO NORMAL ABOUT THIS.

If this is just a month-long buildup to them going "Hello Jon. Apologies for the deception," I'm going to go apeshit. If, contrariwise, this is a month-long buildup to more TMA, I'm going to go even more apeshit. I literally have no idea what this could mean. I've seen theories ranging from a prequel about Gertrude Robinson to a prequel about Jonah Magnus to a post-canon series set Somewhere Else to a total rewrite of the series as the workplace comedy we always knew it could be. Regardless, let me state once more that I'm being very normal about this and will continue to do so going forward.

(I kinda do want a Jonah Magnus prequel now, though. Give me this awful Regency twink and his various haunted boyfriends or give me death.)

Anyway. This almost certainly will not change anything I've got planned for the Sunset Archives, but if you wanted to get into the fandom or the show, it's suddenly had a massive resurgence and we're all being very normal about it.


I'm going to go buy a tape recorder.


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