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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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Been talking to a friend and we realized: · 5:15pm Sep 5th, 2022

Pharynx’s voice kinda changed throughout his (only) episode.

It’s really, really subtle, but take a listen to his voice at the start of the episode:

Now compare it to him talking in the ending:

As my good buddy puts it: he goes from Muscle Man to Husk.

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Aw, buddy. :twilightsmile:

And he does. I was just taking ages to reply cuz I was typing out an analysis lmao.

I saw your analysis and it was gorgeous—

Like Bill Newton’s headshot Pharynx

Pharynx is gorgeous no matter what form he’s in

Oh yeah, I noticed that. Thought they just switched out a mike or somethin' and it changed the way his VA sounded

Also wanted to share eemoo’s thoughts on the matter:

You know how some v/as (not great ones) end up going really derpy when tryna act like a Ferocious BeanTM, that’s what Bill’s doing in the beginning of the episode. Like a weird snarling voice.

Pharynx isn’t evil. He isn’t naturally malicious or ferocious (anger issues? Maybe, but not in an evil way) so he’s acting as to try to scare the ponies (and perhaps by extension the other lings that have already reformed), but obviously it doesn’t / isn't work(ing)

Notice what he says at his snarliest: “in the old days I would have already feasted on their love!”. He puts emphasis on “feasted” in an effort to make it seem worse, scarier, than what it is.

And slowly his voice is changing through the episode, getting less and less snarly. Grumpy, yes, but this sort of act is coming down as the episode progresses.

His failed talk with Trixie and Starlight, his quite literal hissy fits as to make the other changelings scarper, and walking in on the feelings forum where they’re all slagging him off.

Especially those last two. He’s realising he hasn’t got a place in the hive, he thinks he doesn’t belong anymore, and so there’s the defences up with the hissing and the yelling and all that, but his act is slowly melting away as seen in the gradual transition in his voice, until eventually it’s come straight down, and he’s speaking as himself.

And by the time his ferocious act is down, he’s emotionally vulnerable, as we see at the end of the episode, and then he reforms.


WHAT IS THIS MATRIX SHIZUKA :rainbowlaugh::raritycry:

Oh shit I just saw that wth—

I think we’re cosmically linked for like a couple seconds at a time :moustache::trollestia:

Yeah, definitely accurate

Eemoo also made a blog about it


Okay, so I just watched the last clip in its entirety.


Pharynx: You all… want me to stay?

Further backing up his insecurities in being booted out of the hive and no longer having a place in it.

The take away — Pharynx is an insecure bean who’s needs get overlooked in the favour of Thorax’s anxieties. :moustache:

I am a criminal of this offence, and I wholly vow to change my ways, damnit!

Pharynx always seems to get overlooked in favor of Thorax; even in the fandom.

With my realisation in mind, I must re-sculpt my draft for Debris! :rainbowdetermined2:

I never even noticed that.

I swear I wish we got more episodes featuring Pharynx, he was such a cool character that I wish we saw more of him

Side characters (specifically, all these “one-shot” characters) are like chewing gum. And not the kind you blow bubbles with. Once the flavor is gone, you spit it out, either in the nearest trashcan or on the pavement, and leave it there.

Characters like Pharynx (as well as Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Stygian, etc.) are like that; once their “arc” is over, they’re casted to the side and they fade into the background, never to be seen or heard ever again.

That's too bad too. My least favorite characters, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, get more screen time than him 💀

But I suppose if it helps the CMC arc, but still feels wrong

Diamond Tiara’s backstory kinda came out of the blue and felt kinda rushed, seeing it was all resolved in that same episode. It would’ve helped to see her just a few more times interacting with the CMC until the show ended.

Plus, we never saw her again after that same episode. Would be at least nice to see how she was getting along with the CMCs instead of being a silent background pony

Comment posted by BezierBallad deleted Sep 5th, 2022

It would’ve at least shown that her redemption stuck (they did it with Starlight, after all, why not DT?)

And Diamond Tiara was in the show way longer than Starlight did so its kinda funny that we saw more of Starlight than her 😂

But then again I'm happy they didn't shove her in the background either. Same goes for Trixie

Insecure bean Pharynx is canon in my opinion! I mean, you want proof my stories should be enough-

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