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My Little Pony G5 News 05/16/2022 · 5:50pm May 16th


GOOD AFTERNOON, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! Last week, we've received word of some long awaited news centered on one of Generation 5's upcoming projects titled 'Make Your Mark'. Now when we saw some of the initial images of what we could expect, there is no denying that the animation (While a slight bit closer to the movie) seemed have taken a few steps back in the details department due to working a budget strictly for the Netflix run. Course, until the actual series, we are starting out with the special just to really set the mood in terms of what direction we have going for this 3D run come May 26th.

Two bits of material will be covered in this blog today and we first start off with an 'official' trailer centered on the special itself:

Once again, the cast from 'Tell Your Tale' will be assuming the roles of the Mane Six. And as we've seen, the sequence within the trailer fits in with the synopsis set for the episode and I quote:

The special picks up from the movie where the Mane 5 are learning to live with each other and their new powers.

Indeed, our pony friends are still adjusting to the return of the magic of which had been absent from Equestria for quite some time. Even Sunny Starscout is having a slight bit of trouble adjusting to these new 'alicorn' based powers of hers, which the trailer confirms pretty much comes and goes whenever. In a way, it is kind of like how Steven Universe initially had a tough time controlling his own magical abilities.

Don't even get me started...

Anyway... turns out not 'everything' is all light-hearted with rainbows as 'Tell Your Tale' has shown it to be. There is a slight bit of tension going on amongst the ponies of how they are considering the possibility that the return of all this magic is more 'trouble' than its worth bringing it back.

I wish magic had never come back!

I don't know this 'mare' and I HATE her already...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold the breaks there sweetie! Let's not jump ahead of ourselves!

*Clears throat* Anyways, due to all this negative energy threatening to disturb the piece, it seems to have an equally negative effect on the crystals which aims to brighten Equestria so long as there remains unity...

I told you we should've switched to Direct-TV...

Now before we move on, I am well aware that SOMEBODY released the entire plot of the movie because Faust forbid we can't go through one period without a 'spoiler' on the prowl. But because I am a reasonable gentleman, I merely ask for one teeny-tiny thing for each of my faithful viewers I actually enjoy hearing from...

Thanks Rarity...

But to provide even a 'tiny' fraction as far as what we can expect: Apparently the closest we have to a pony antagonist (And not a returning villain from Equestria's past) happens to be that Posey Bloom chick, who for me has been a bit of a mixed bag. One minute she's okay and cute, and other times... I wonder who stick a pole so far up her...

LANGUAGE, SIR! There are children reading this!

*Frowns* Yes, Your Majesty...

*Sighs* There's also the fact that a huge roller coaster ride is afoot as black magic is sweeping across the land in light of these chaotic events. Oh, and apparently Hitch has gained Fluttershy's abilities... or perhaps he's a distant relative of Fluttershy.

I have a great-great grandson?

And in additional news, it would seem as though our team of heroes will have the new 'Spike' on the team as this trailer introduces us to... well... Sparky Sparkeroni!

So... cute!!!

Ooh boy! *Straightens up* Anyways... we know very little about this dragon other than the fact that at 'some point' during this special, Hitch finds this egg (Probably doesn't even know there's a dragon in there) and when that big reveal does come up for the gang, naturally our heroes are bound to have more questions than answers. Now granted, we did want to see 'other' species besides 'ponies' in this universe. And yet we can't help but wonder: Why was there a dragon egg near Maretime Bay? Where did this dragon even come from in the first place? And will Sparky end up receiving the same treatment as Spike did throughout the course of Generation 4?

It never ends, does it?

Well, hopefully we eventually do receive at least a 'few' answers in terms of what we've just been witnessing during all this time. All we know is that while all this is taking place, the ponies are planning a 'Maretime Bay Day Festival' and all hosted by the Mane Five themselves. And to prepare us for what this special truly has to offer, including an admittedly catchy song which could 'possibly' be the intro for 'Make Your Mark' after the special, we also offer the first 'three' minutes of what to expect for the special:


I can totally jam to this beat...

*Notices crowd watching, brushes himself off*

Ahem... anyways...

There is 'one' thing that should be made abundantly clear in light of this upcoming special: In a way, this feels as much a 'Zipp' story yet hopefully the rest of the Mane Five will have their moments. Yet we know it's mostly Zipp centered according to the synopsis, and I quote:

When Zipp realizes that the power of the crystals are fading, she goes on a mission to figure out why.

Now we know how smart a pony Zipp can be. After all, she was able to deduce some missing items around Maretime Bay just with one look at the crime photos back when Hitch thought 'he' was the crime. But of course, given it could be like 'any' story of this nature, she's going to suspect something is wrong... her friends don't believe her... then things start going crazy... they realize she was right... and now they got to clean up every pony's shit... again! But perhaps what could be 'more' important than a plot that could be just as predictable as we expect, what's more important is if we recall the fun that this special has to offer and ensure that we have something to look forward to when that 23 episode run takes place later this year.

As far as we're concerned MLP fanatics, Generation 5 is just getting started. The movie itself prepared us for a universe we're bound to embrace, 'Tell Your Tale' helped us ease into it, and now we got all this 'Make Your Mark' stuff which should 'hopefully' strum some continued interest that has continued to draw fans into their universe (Don't get me started on all the other media on the side). My one hope come that time when this special is set to air later next week (May 26th, might want to mark that down), that for all it can cover in under 44 minutes it will feel more than just like a two-part episode pilot. But rather... it continues to reassure that what we're about to see is only the beginning.

And yet the bigger question remains: What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829... signing off!

Comments ( 8 )

I am looking forward to this regardless of what was spoiled by the synopsis release. And this dragon character has me curious. Sparky's initial release was for Gen 5 toys. And toys mostly make exclusive characters not involved in the series itself. But apparently in this case Sparky was made for the series. I just hope he matures quick enough he can walk on his own and speak clearly and maturely like Spike did when FIM began. I just don't wanna have to watch them have to look after him throughout the whole series as his caretakers. Otherwise how much could he contribute aside from being cuteness fodder?

Regardless of the synopsis, which I chose to ignore to prevent from spoiling myself, hopefully this special will be worth while.

And the direction with Sparky moving forward is going to be interesting. It's one thing to have this dragon recently hatched out and of course younger fans can't resist something as cute as a newly hatched baby dragon. But the company does need to consider the one question:

Where do we 'see' Sparky Sparkeroni in the long run? Is he 'always' going to be just cuteness fodder that the Mane 5 will have to take turns watching over? Or can Sparky serve as that hope of being a dragon portrayed in a way not even Spike was able to have? It's not like we're asking for the 'Growing Pains' timeskip in which we now find a slightly more mature Sparky, with an increased personality and some shit. But all we're saying is... remember that your audience is not just 'children'. That's all we're saying.

Yeah the whole thing at the Oscars really brought down the concept of animation making it sound like it's only for kids.

I'm hyped, no spoliers for me so far, like ya said, Gen 5 is just getting started and i'm still thinking positive on what's to come in the future, stay cool, stay classy, you're awesome Drama XD

Two questions. One: it airs on Netflix, right?

And two: Saying this as someone who ships Embrax...Sparky is a blue dragon...like Ember...and yet the egg is purple...like Thorax...or Spike?

Smart man. Gen 5 is only getting started after all. The best we can do is try to have a slight bit of hope that something good will come from these upcoming projects.

1. It's definitely a Netflix release. That's what the sources say.

2. It's possible that Sparky may have a bigger connection with the dragons than we thought. It could very well be possible that Ember might be involved with this kid. I've always been leaning toward the Ember/Spike ship myself. But if this baby dragon somehow has transformational abilities much like Thorax, that would be rather surprising.

1. Okay, good

2. Yes. So help me writers, I shall work more diversity into this show if you cannot! It took 9 seasons last time, good buildup but never again!

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