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My Little Pony: Make Your Mark · 9:05pm May 12th

Well, I may not be G5 biggest fan due to reasons. But I say this look interesting

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This could be the break we're looking for
Maybe we'll get answers on it now
The movie went fast
Leaving questions for the class
And we'll figure out on the how.

I agree, the movie went left some questions and I hope that the show would answer those questions

I didn't like the look of the movie
The tribes were all a mess
What could've happen
Did a bad guy win
How did the heroes lose the test

And here's another question
Where did the other species go
We're they lost in cataclysm
Did they disappear with the win
Does anypony know

I mean yeah there was so many questions in the movie since it's a sequel like when did magic disappeared what happened to the creatures in Equestria what happened to Sunny's parents what happened to the other city's

Personally, I was completely unimpressed by the preview. So many things about what it showcased gave off signs that it likely won't live up to whatever standards people enjoyed MLP: ANG by.

I still don't know about this man

Do you think this generation would last long

Hopefully, no. If it does last a long time, the only reason for why would simply because of it being a cash cow for Hasbro.

I don't blame you since I don't like the story in the movie. I don't hate the story idea since I seen better in other shows and movies which I enjoyed better

This looks really promising. I like it.


that’s what it always been with every company and basically where the suckers that we want it more

And you know this wouldn’t happen if they just make their own new G5 instead of making a sequel to g4 So there won’t be any problem

Yes I understand that ever since they announced it to be a sequel to Friendship is Magic a lot of people were not too happy about it it could have work it's just the movie did not start out strong but it's not the worst at least we have the TV series maybe Make Your Mark will be more clear Maybe

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