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For some people, small, beautiful events are what life is all about!

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    It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing. There's a chill in the air. The skeletons in our closets are rattling. The month of Halloween (or as some people call it, 'October') is upon us, and that means it's time for a dozen or so different art month challenges to crawl out, competing for attention. Well, here's yet another for your consideration.

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    June Updates + Art

    Just a couple of quick personal notes before we get too far into this; first of all, I've graduated. Majors in History and Anthropology, minors in Classics and Women's & Gender Studies, and Cum Laude to boot, so overall I'm quite proud of that. I'm already set to start on my Master's in the fall as well.

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    April Rainbows 4 & Sundry Updates

    Hello, and welcome to the final installment of April Rainbows. It's been a great experience, and I've enjoyed the challenge of the limited palette.

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    April Rainbows 3

    April Rainbows 17 - Oliver Banks in Beige Eternal
    This dude needs a nap, and he's willing to commit identity theft to get it.

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    April Rainbows Week 2

    April Rainbows 10 - Spa Twins in Two of Cups

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April Rainbows 3 · 3:43pm April 23rd

April Rainbows 17 - Oliver Banks in Beige Eternal
This dude needs a nap, and he's willing to commit identity theft to get it.

April Rainbows 19 - We All Ignore the Pit in Crossroads
#JustArchivistThings: Throwing an astronaut into a hole to disrupt the ritual of the Sunken Sky

April Rainbows 20 - Braeburn Waving in Dad Friend

April Rainbows 21 - Oi, Dickhead! in Bananas Are Good
Martin "King of the Archives" Blackwood, Antichrist's Plus One and Professional Jonah Magnus Hater. It's also a bit hard to tell, but I did give Jon heart eyes in this one, they're just quite small.

April Rainbows 23 - All Coiled Up in Scarf Ace
Sometimes all you really need is a big fluffy chaos serpent to love you and coil you all up nice and cozy.

I think I'm getting somewhere with the limited palettes, really. The shading seems to be working quite well, and I'm pleased with the depth I'm getting.

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Okay, these are all good. That last one really made me smile, though. :twilightsmile:

It is truly a wonderful experience watching your art style continue to evolve.

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