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My Little Pony Tell Your Tale Episode 6 Review 04/22/2022 · 3:13pm April 22nd

Faust, I 'really' hope he gives a good review...

GOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! Once again, we the MLP fanbase welcome a brand-new episode of which continues the ‘Tell Your Tale’ side of the Generation 5 run. It should be worth noting that the Portuguese version was uploaded a week earlier, and you know those fans who are just too impatient to wait for anything.

Like how long it’s taking for that story you promised!


*Clears throat* Anyways… today, we have a look at the sixth episode of ‘Tell Your Tale’ which features one of our friends in a rather ‘precarious’ situation. An episode that is appropriately titled:

The Unboxing of Izzy


*Sighs* The synopsis for this week’s episode follows, and I quote:

Hitch is eager to show his friends on a tour, but Izzy finds an old unicorn trap.

You say something, Drama—

She did it again…

*Sighs* Anyways, the episode begins with Hitch Trailblazer in the midst of proving a tour of Maretime Bay for all his friends.

So, who’s ready for Hitch’s dream tour?

He’s so gorgeous…

Hmph… they always go for the jocks.

It should be fair to note that this almost feels like an episode that probably should’ve happened at a much ‘earlier’ time in the series. Of course, it’s understandable that Pipp & Zipp would be interested in a tour considering they hadn’t been in Maretime Bay for long (Least not prior to the movie anyway). For them, it would be a chance to see a town when none of the ponies are paranoid and scared. The same which could not be said for Izzy, even though she been to Maretime Bay it wasn’t exactly a good first impression…


YES!!! We remember… *Groans* Least now that we’ve moved past all that, Izzy can actually take some time to enjoy all the sights of the town for once.

OOH! Look at the pretty tulips!

OOH! Giant donut!

OOH! Can’t have a tour without some shades—

OOH! I’m a box! I’ve never been a box before!

And this is where I find the writing is a ‘slight’ dumb with this episode. It’s one thing for Izzy to repeat the very same mistake she made in the movie. Accidentally activating the unicorn box trap and getting herself ‘boxed’, hence the ‘title’ of the episode unfortunately. But the fact she makes it exciting about ‘being’ a box when she ‘had’ been in a box before. It wouldn’t be such a big deal… mistakes happen, even if it’s a recurring one. Least all Hitch has to do is push the button and—

What the--

I'm pretty sure it's broken, sir...

And of course… if they were able to open the box that ‘easily’ we wouldn’t have an episode. Turns out, the release button clearly doesn’t work, and Hitch believes there’s no point in running a tour if one of his friends won’t be able to enjoy it.

That's it! Tour's cancelled! Every pony go home!


AWW! But I've been dying to see the town all day!

You can't see 'anything' Izzy...

But not wanting this day to go to waste, the rest of Izzy’s friends encourage him to keep the tour going. To prove so, Izzy uses her magic to levitate the box (Because it’s not strong enough to pry it open) while the others tie it to a rope leash… like a balloon...

Am I a joke to you girls?

Okay! On with the tour!

And so the episode proceeds accordingly with Hitch trying to offer a promising tour for his friends. Unfortunately, as to be expected… they hit a few snags during the route…



Yeah... I'm not paying for this...

Wow… talk about ‘literally’ smashing…

*Clears throat* It doesn’t take long for the exasperation to be on full display for Hitch during this episode. As if it wasn’t tough enough for Izzy to see ‘any’ of the stops from inside her cubical imprisonment…

Behold! The wonder of art and—

Paint a little happy unicorn here! GORGEOUS!!!

And here we train the future cast of Equestria Ninja—

Why do I even bother?

To be fair, Sunny seems to be the one pony who notices that this tour is not going the way Hitch planned. And she must, considering that they’ve been best friends for years. Not even a stop to see the ‘beach’ of Maretime Bay itself seems to be doing any pony any favors…

My favorite place in all of Maretime Bay!... We’re looking at a parking meter, right?


He’s possessed!
He’s insane!

Oh, that is fucking beautiful!

Urgh! Could this day get any worse?!

Oh hey! I can hear the ocean from here!


Ooh... she's not going to be happy when she wakes up--

I’m okay! So’s the box!

*Pause* Damn... that 'is' one tough box... Anyways, if Hitch was looking for the lowest point in this episode, this would be it. When all attempts to liberate Izzy from the box fails, even after plummeting herself off a short cliff… Hitch feels like a failure. In a way, we can see Hitch’s inner ‘Twilight Sparkle’ come into play here…

What's that supposed to mean?

Just hear me out! *Clears throat* As we’ve come to see from Hitch, he takes his responsibilities very seriously and whenever order is not adhered he starts losing that composure of his. And in this moment of panic, when showing his friends what makes Maretime Bay special seemingly crumbles before him, he feels as though he not only failed his group… but he failed himself in the process. So in a way, much like Twilight Sparkle, when things don’t end up going his way no matter how hard he plans for it then it is as though its suddenly the end of the world and shit.

Are you kidding? That was the best tour EVER!!!

All jokes aside, even though it seemed his friends were more focused on Izzy’s predicament, they still made the most out of that time Hitch planned. From seeing a famous museum called the Houvre and the rope course, the two Princesses got to see the place because of Hitch. In a way, they got to feel at home not just because the places were wonderful, but they were enjoying it together. It’s kind of like a Zoom meeting where we feel as though we’re trapped in a box, yet somehow we still adjust to it so we can feel ‘together’ and be able to enjoy things…

At least when the meetings are over…

In a sense, despite the nonsensical nature of the premise itself, there is actually a very keen lesson… albeit familiar, yet vital all the same. Life is not always going to go our way; sometimes, whatever plans we make don’t always fall through. But rather than trying to overthink the circumstance or panic under the pressure, it’s important to think things ‘outside the box’. Just to live in the moment, and have a little fun—

GASP! Say that last part again?

Just to live in the moment, and have a little fun?

The ‘other’ last part…

*Shrugs* Think outside the box? *Eyes widen; slaps himself* STUPID!!!

*Clears throat* Suddenly, Hitch ‘just’ remembers about the secondary emergency release button which just happens to be on the underside of the box itself.

And one flick of the switch…



And presto! Izzy is finally free from her cube! And a good thing too, before things totally get super weird--

Farewell, old friend! I shall never forget our time together…

*Pause* I don’t know why but I can’t look away…

*Clears throat* And so with the episode coming to an end, Hitch can proceed with giving Izzy the ‘real’ tour of Maretime Bay…

Folks, if you want to step right this way…

Yeah… I saw this one coming…

Overall, ‘The Unboxing of Izzy’ is pretty much an episode as it is. It’s silly, it is nonsensical, and it relies heavily on some visuals. An episode that really puts ‘Murphy’s Law’ to good use, of how anything that ‘can’ go wrong ‘will’ go wrong. I wouldn’t necessarily go on to say this was my ‘favorite’ episode released thus far, as I do find a bit of the writing a tad ‘questionable’. Still, I would say this would at least be that episode to watch if you’re just looking for something that’ll make you laugh. Don’t think I didn’t notice that ‘My Little Prime’ easter egg during the episode, as at least they were acknowledging an existing product. It’s not a story-focused episode, but there’s still a bit of fun to enjoy.

But now the bigger question remains: What do YOU think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful readers, this is the Dramamaster829… and yeah, Hitch is going to be stuck there for a while.

Good, that will just give me time to tell you about my Uncle Clyde—

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Yeah you see the plot coming the moment Izzy lands in the box and Hitch still trying to give a good tour.

And here we train the future cast of Equestria Ninja—

Ah you almost said my NinjaTurtlesxEGxMLP series title

I was actually going to refer to 'Equestria Ninja Warriors', sort of an 'American Ninja Warrior' shout out so to speak.

But yeah... the plot of this episode was totally predictable. Was it still enjoyable? *Pause* Yeah... to some extent.

Did you also notice Zipp's mark shimmering when she was dangling from the rope? Kinda like how Pipp's did in Mane Melody...hmmmmm...

LOL, loved the blog:heart:, awesome review, Hitch just cant catch a break *snickering* and Izzy's randomness/optimism is so infectious like a certain pink pony we all love and know:pinkiehappy:, anyway stay cool, stay classy Drama, you're awesome XD

Funny you mentioned that because I 'have' been noticing how their marks were glowing on occasion. Which typically happens when they are really in a sense of joy, or they are really having fun. It's probably the magical effect of spreading some positivity wherever they go. And when they feel good, the bond that they share only grows stronger.

Wasn't easy getting this whole thing together. Where some images didn't work, I had to really scramble to find some photos that wouldn't give me trouble. And yeah, you kind of feel bad for Hitch during this episode. He has this whole day planned out just for his friends and then Izzy just happens to get herself locked in a box that for some reason was overlooked during the clean-up. But needless to say, the fact that she's always looking on the bright sight to even the dimmest day does add to the strong comparisons to Pinkie Pie. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out she is a late descendant of the Pie family.

Yeah! Probably a tie back to when the character's cutie marks glowed in G4

Which often happens when they are tasked with solving a friendship problem that the map would indicate. At least during the later seasons anyway.

Yes! It might be an indicator that the magic is starting to get stronger and affect the creatures like it used to

With magic returning to Equestria, thanks to the efforts of the Mane Six, I wouldn't be 'too' surprised that this were the case. Course, with the magic getting stronger, they'll need to make sure to keep it safe. Who knows what other sorts of beasts might come in drawn by the increasing kinetic energy of the magic?

Ooh, true. I really hope the other creatures resurface though, I wanna know what happened to them allll!

The Unboxing of Izzy



:applejackunsure:No Comment.

So, who’s ready for Hitch’s dream tour?

He’s so gorgeous…

(Sigh) Isn't he a Dream Boat...?


Cat R. Waul: Pay attention. Keep it clean and tidy; plenty of violence, but no eating. Right. Carry on, chaps.

Am I a joke to you girls?

We still love ya Carl:heart:! R.I.P Ed Asner:ajsleepy:.



Wow… talk about ‘literally’ smashing…


He’s possessed!
He’s insane!

He's My Kinda Guy!


Are you kidding? That was the best tour EVER!!!

(Sigh) You girls are so CUTE! (Squee!)


OPEN SESAME... but for real this time.

Farewell, old friend! I shall never forget our time together…

D'aww you're cute 2 Izzy! Yes You Are! Yes You Are!

*Clears throat* And so with the episode coming to an end, Hitch can proceed with giving Izzy the ‘real’ tour of Maretime Bay…

Folks, if you want to step right this way…

All right, now on with the 'real' show! Now let's see what...


Ahh Son Of A Bi(Episode Ends)!

Good, that will just give me time to tell you about my Uncle Clyde—

—a very independent barn owl who didn't give a hoot for tradition. He became enamoured of a pussycat and went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.

...And there he goes. From page 41 all the way to fuckin' page 62.

...(Exhale) Well, that was quite nostalgic.

Excellent Cody. Some of these responses are rather funny. If you had seen those other reviews, you'd probably had a riot.

:twilightsmile:Thank you very much.

If I went HAM on this one...

...I can't even fathom what I would've done for the previous ones:rainbowderp:.

You'll think of something. In fact, you wouldn't even 'think' you'd just do it.

Well, for me it's pretty much half & half.
Sometimes I just do it & sometimes I need like a few minutes to think about it.
That's how I do it.

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