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My Little Pony Tell Your Tale Episode 1-4 Review Part One 04/12/2022 · 6:46pm April 12th

What is up, Pippsqueaks! The new blog’s going to be ‘Stunning’!

GOOD AFTERNOON, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! Last week, we’ve had some unexpected news during this ‘slightly’ anticipated debut of G5’s YouTube continuation, ‘Tell Your Tale’. Not just the fact that the series was released early in Japan, Korea, Finland, and Malaysia…

We don't talk about Russia (No, no, no...)

Instead, we get not one, not two, not three… but FOUR episodes! That’s right, the ‘My Little Pony YouTube Channel’ pretty much dumped four episodes all at once (That’s like ‘20’ minutes that make up ‘one’ MLP episode, minus the commercials). It goes without saying faithful readers that any weekly single part episodes are pretty much out of the question at this point. So today, we’re here to share and discuss both ‘my’ opinion as well as you viewers as we dig through the first four episodes in one entire blog.

Before we proceed, please note I'm doing the episode order NOT according to the 'YouTube Copyright ID system' (The reference upload) but rather by the 'release time'.

*Clears throat* We begin with the episode that pretty much sets the stage for the series:

A Home To Share

Who’s ready for a color war?!?!

No, Izzy!

*Clears throat* According to the episode synopsis, and I quote:

Sunny and the ponies try to make the Crystal Bright House better on the inside rather than the outside.

Gee, now where have I heard this synopsis before?

Yikes… that was a disaster…

As we can imagine, there are certain similarities these G5 episodes have with elements from G4. This episode happens to be ‘one’ of them, just to keep in mind. Anyways, possibly following the events of the movie, Sunny and her friends set up their new home base, the Crystal Brighthouse…

Deploy Angelic Choir here...

*Godzilla sound effect here*

Yeah, word of warning this show is not 'that' epic folks. Good news... 'that' was just the model.


Yeah, there is no way in 'Tartarus' Sprout would actually put 'that' much work to compensate for making Sunny homeless briefly.

*Clears throat* Anyways, it's one thing for the girls to put in the work on the 'exterior'. But much like every other 'Fixer Upper' show on HDTV, the work is not complete till they make the 'interior design' just as gorgeous. So now, we find our new group of friends on a mission to make the perfect dream home where they can live together to preserve friendship in this new Equestria. I kid you not, this episode indicates that the group might be living together.

I wasn't aware of that plan!

And before anyone says anything, this co-ed thing they got going on seemingly worked well for a certain 'Human and Hellhound' in the FanFic community...

You shouldn't believe everything you read, smartass...

*Frowns* Ignoring that one... *Clears throat* And because Sunny and friends make for such a great team, when they put their heads together and with the right plan they are sure to...


*Groans* Nurse...

The rest of this episode pretty much goes as we'd expected from 'Castle Sweet Castle'... in five minutes. Naturally, the efforts of Sunny and friends to make the perfect hangout turns South and the situation becomes more stressful than ever. Gee... I wonder how that happened...

With a few good friends, and a brush or two...

She knows she has 'wings' right?

I hope this isn't 'Quick Drying'...

Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

Speaking from someone who built and fixed a shelf... I can relate to this!

Before we even move on with the remainder of the review, it should be worth noting that the episode is not without its faults: The animation of these episodes, while beautiful and colorful in terms of graphics, the display shows just how stiff the character models are proving that 2D doesn't 'always' work. And I've seen Helluva Boss do better as a YouTube series with their approach to 2D.

Aw, I knew he'd warm up to me!

And as we hear the young cast perform as the MLP cast, whether dialogue-wise or with this one musical number, which I'll go over 'later', it is pretty obvious that they are going to take some getting used to. While I respect their efforts to stay true to the characters as introduced in the movie, it feels more like an attempt to make them sound 'younger' like teenagers or something. As for the song 'Work, Work, Work'... I wouldn't say it's anything epic or show-stopping, but it's not a terrible song. For what it is, it's a pretty standard yet enjoyable song it's just that I've heard better work songs.

I totally was NOT intentionally making a reference for the upcoming 'Disenchanted'.

Anyways, onto the review, Sunny Starscout finds herself at her wit's end trying to get her new group of friends to work together. It is during this moment that when she's sitting her room, trying to ask herself what went wrong... surprisingly this is where the show starts taking a more somber note in what was essentially a 'comedic' episode.

*Clutches chest* God... this still stings.

It is during this point where any comparisons I made with this show and 'Pony Life' comes to an end. While 'Pony Life' has always been about the gags, this episode of 'Tell Your Tell' knows when to be funny yet also knows when to throw in some emotional connection. That it reminds us despite Sunny's happy-go-lucky nature, she is still hurting about the loss of her father, who has always been the one pony she could turn to for advice and answers. It's not an emotional moment like 'This Is Us', but they way they handle this in such a subtle fashion... there was definitely some slight care with this story.

And because we have little run time remaining, it doesn't take long for Sunny to realize that it's all about bringing the best in her friends and decides to serve as their guide just to prove they are friends for a reason. Only this time, every pony is actually coming together...


Overall, 'A Home To Share' is not 'perfect' by any means. Yet alone, the episode helps to represent the show itself. The process is messy at the beginning and there's clearly some room for improvement moving forward. But the intention to what it's aiming for, with the premise of the series, clearly shows in favor to the target demographic. While it is easily comparable to the twenty-two minute G4 episodes of before it's an episode with charm, it's cute as it is funny, and I actually found myself enjoying it. And almost immediately following this episode, we soon jump in to the second episode of the series:

Zipp Gets Her Wings a.k.a. Zipp's Flight School

I could totally see Hitch & Spike as Spa Day buddies...

I'll have you know boys like to relax too, ya know?

The premise for this episode follows and I quote:

Zipp's friends get her to run a makeshift flight school so she can teach other Pegasi how to fly better.

Because this totally doesn't sound like when Twilight convinces Rainbow Dash to run the school's cheerleading team.

Will you PLEASE just let it go!

NEVER!!!! *Clears throat* Anyways, this episode starts off rather casually: With Zipp Storm living her dreams.

latest (1920×1080) (nocookie.net)

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, nope! It's...


And that Pippsqueaks is what we in showbiz call... PRESENTATION!

PIPP! I said no filming without my permission!

All jokes aside when it comes to Zipp, we do get a slight more glimpse of an already established character from the movie. Zipp strives to push herself now that she's able to regain the ability to fly and between the sisters she is the one slated to one day inherit the kingdom. Except, she makes it clear she's a complete opposite of Pipp. While Pipp thrives for the attention and the spotlight, Zipp doesn't perform these tricks to show off or gain a following. More of which is revealed during the course of the episode.

As we later see during this episode, it turns out the few Pegasi featured in this episode (From the guards we saw from the movie and some new faces) have not exactly adapted to flying as well as Zipp had. And the results of which... well, let the pictures speak for themselves.

Urgh... how does Derpy do this every day?!

*Shakes head* This is why not just 'anyone' can get a license. Good thing this mare wasn't on her phone while flying.

Some pony should teach these Pegasi how to fly...


Easy Loona... take it easy! *Takes a deep breath* Zipp finds herself inadvertently the pony in charge of teaching the Pegasi how to fly (Mostly thanks to her friends pushing her along). And because they are all just learning to fly and since Zipp is new to actually 'leading' something, naturally the first lesson will be easy, stress-free, and...

Mr. Drama! I just finished the obstacle course Zipp told me to set up!

*Groans* Well... as long as Zipp goes slow and steady so every pony can take some notes...

We're so... bucked!

Yeah... this is going to end about as well as expected. Any pony else want to add anything to this display?

Good, no questions. Let's proceed:

Wow... aren't 'you' striving for 'Teacher of the Month'...

QUIET, DASH! *Clears throat* I'll at least give Zipp somewhat credit. In comparison to Dash not putting in the effort to teach her classmates on cheerleading, Zipp at least attempts to demonstrate how she flies in her own way. I mean... some students can actually learn best by watching instead of listening. How hard can it be?


We are such happy flowers...


Whelp! We found the fastest way to make fruit salad...

*Stares blankly* I don't know why... but I can't look away...

No more daffodils, mama. No more daffodils, mama. No more daffodils, mama...

And like the Mighty Ducks embarrassing one-sided loss in a movie, Zipp is quick to give up when her students utterly 'fail' to fly and is ready to make a hasty retreat. Because there's nothing on this planet that will ever make Zipp believe she can make a difference...

I believe I can fly...

And... cue the mother/daughter flashback sequence...

God, I'm getting a toothache because these scenes are so sweet!

I always enjoy seeing a casual bond between a parent and a child. Even though this likely took place when magic was gone and Zipp still wanted to fly regardless, Queen Haven (The very same pony who encouraged a ruse to make it seem they can fly) was the encouraging her to keep trying no matter what. That what she lacked in flying at the time, she made up for it with her stunt works and ingenuity. Just by watching this episode, this is among the closest we see to a bond between Zipp & Haven seeing as how Zipp was kind of rebellious as she got older. Still, seeing this tender scene, it almost makes us forget of how even a tiny white lie would eventually go so wrong...

*Sweats profusely* Uh, heh-heh, heh... let's continue!

With newfound determination, Zipp decides to continue training the other Pegasi, only this time she has a little help from her friends. And like every training montage in every popular movie we know, they just get better with practice.

It's the eye of the tiger...

It's the thrill of the flight...

Rising up to the challenge...

... of our rival.

And the last known survivor

Stalks his prey in the night

And he's watching us...

... with the eye...

... of the tiger!

*Bows several times, points to the fliers*

Thank you! They love us, they 'really' love us!

Well, it wasn't easy. But thankfully these ponies didn't make too much a mess of themselves.

Speak for yourself!

As mentioned briefly with the last episode, the overall experience with the cast is a work in progress. Just as the Pegasi still have a long ways to go before they can truly feel confident taking to the air again, the show is still finding its ground in terms of the use of its comedy yet being able to actually tell a story in a short timeframe. But for what it's worth, the second episode turns out to be slightly more entertaining than the first. We get a Zipp centered story, putting her in a position where her call for leadership is in question. And while it's clear she's hesitant with such a big responsibility, just as she never gives up on her friends pushing them to be better she simply cannot give up on ponies who struggled just as much to fly as she did. By putting ourselves out there, taking a lesson in a way that's manageable for us, the end result of a story may not be pretty but it makes for a decent watch.

And as we reach the halfway mark of this review, we soon reach the third episode run in which...



Yeah... the critic's indisposed and some shit. We'll have to continue tomorrow or whatever.

Comments ( 9 )

They were good episodes as brief as they are they don't beat around the bush and get to the point. Here's hoping they won't wait too long to release more episodes before the next special for Netflix

For the time being, they turned out to be pretty decent episodes. Mostly, I'm used to either eleven minute or twenty-two minute episodes that at least evolves the plot along. But for what they were able to do in five minutes... I wouldn't say it was 'flawless', but they left a decent impression.

Anyways, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the other two episodes tomorrow. At least before any new material comes out later this week.

As for the Netflix run of G5... I'm hoping they are a step 'above' what the YouTube run is dishing out right now. But I wouldn't mind so much if they at least 'acknowledged' the events of the YouTube series.

Yeah with that and a comic coming out featuring the new Mane 5 discovering the ruins of Canterlot there's going to be at least two to three forms of continuity, the movie adaption, the youtube series, and the comic series. And it's all still relatively new

That 'really' makes it confusing when there's three separate continuities. We never know if there is any form of connection or if they are just there for the sake of providing quality entertainment (a.k.a. the 'simplistic' approach). It's one thing to say that a comic or animated series takes place after the events of the movie. But it is pretty much all just talk until there's even the slightest confirmation or acknowledgement that the events following the movie are as legit as they come.

I have to agree with this. And yes, the flashback seen was adorableee

Really adds things to perspective in terms of the relationship between Zipp and her mom. And how it wasn't always about arguing over lying to their subjects.

Yeah, true. I like that they added that

lmao, this blog was a classic and spectacular, so many funny moments, I've watched the four episodes too and I gotta say there not bad at all, I enjoyed them, keep'em coming Drama, stay cool, stay classy......oh one more thing, you ok? hope Pipp didn't do to much damage, that look like it hurt XD

This was just for part one. But I got loads more planned for tomorrow when I cover the other two episodes. I think this might be one of my favorite blogs I put together yet. And yeah, that bit at the end... you'll see the results of it soon enough.

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