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I'm just here to write.

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    Dragonfall, chapter 17

    Coldsteel clears his throat.

    "I count myself among the resurrected, sir, and I believe that under the circumstances I have weathered the situation fairly well. Yellowbelly, also, does not seem any more notably useless now than he usually is. But Sergeant Rictus is..."

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    Courier's Journal, chapter 12

    "Heading into the city proper, we came to a memorial to the soldiers who died in the Battle of Hoover Dam, and an off-duty trooper named Kowalski paying his respects. Nearby, there was a bar being operated by one of Boulder City's few remaining residents, who told us about how dead it is around here. And of course there was also the massive pile of rubble and ruins that used to be the

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    I Went to the Other Side, and All I Saw Were Stars

    Season's greetings, seasoned veterans of the DannyJ Experience. Hope you're all having a merry Christmas. As we head into 2022 for the next chapter of this progressively worsening nightmare that we all live in, I wanted to touch base with you all so that you know what to expect from me going forwards (in terms of writing, I mean; I remain an unpredictable force of nature otherwise).

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  • 29 weeks
    Just Dodge! reading

    I've received a few dramatic readings of my stories over the years, but for the most part, they've always been for my shorter stories, with Jacob M. Keene's Agent Redwood reading being the longest one-and-done I've received until today, at half an hour long. Rest in Chaos in particular had at least four readings that I know of

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COURIER'S JOURNAL: RELOADED · 11:48pm January 27th

"And besides, I'm an abnormal person in the first place, through no fault of my own; I was raised in a society that was basically one step removed from a cult. And not even a regular old crazy cult like the Hubologists. We were into some serious shit. The chanting. Oh, the chanting! I still hear it in my dreams! What do you want, Mother?! I looked into the Void and it's staring back at me! I can see FOREVER, and it's HIDEOUS! FOR WHAT DARK PURPOSE WAS I BORN?! WHAT WHISPERING THINGS LAY DREAMING BENEATH US?! NO! I DON'T WANT A CLOCK! I DON'T EVEN LIKE CLOCKS YOU FUCKING CUNT! WHY IS EVERYTHING CLOCK-THEMED?!"

(Fanfiction.net version).
(Archive of Our Own version).

Hail to the fucking keeper, bitches. After eight years of hiatus, it's back.

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