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COURIER'S JOURNAL: RELOADED · 11:48pm Jan 27th, 2022

"And besides, I'm an abnormal person in the first place, through no fault of my own; I was raised in a society that was basically one step removed from a cult. And not even a regular old crazy cult like the Hubologists. We were into some serious shit. The chanting. Oh, the chanting! I still hear it in my dreams! What do you want, Mother?! I looked into the Void and it's staring back at me! I can see FOREVER, and it's HIDEOUS! FOR WHAT DARK PURPOSE WAS I BORN?! WHAT WHISPERING THINGS LAY DREAMING BENEATH US?! NO! I DON'T WANT A CLOCK! I DON'T EVEN LIKE CLOCKS YOU FUCKING CUNT! WHY IS EVERYTHING CLOCK-THEMED?!"

(Fanfiction.net version).
(Archive of Our Own version).

Hail to the fucking keeper, bitches. After eight years of hiatus, it's back.

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