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Call me Gryph for short, if you like. In-case the avatar, the name, and the themes of my stories didn't make it apparent; big Gryphon fan here.

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Adventures with Sam #3 - (A) Walk(s) in the Woods · 10:01pm Jan 19th, 2022

Horses have a funny way of testing you.

Sam's breeders/original owners had, apparently, fully lead-line trained him, and started him on a bit+bridle as well.

You'd never have known it from the trouble I had at first.

A year of open pasture with zero responsibilities, practice, or work will turn a horse into quite a stubborn little child.

It took me a little testing, and screwing up some courage to be firm, but I learned pretty quick that Sam wasn't afraid of the lead... He was playing games to see what he could get away with.

That first time getting him hitched in open pasture was gnarly. I said a prayer, and put both hands through the bottom of the bridle, and held on. He lifted me off the ground and walked back three steps...

...And then stopped, perked his ears, put me down, and behaved perfectly while I snapped the line on.

Boy oh boy, like riding a bike, practice will bring back muscle memory.

In just a month and a half since then Sam and I have gone from 'don't touch my head, and no you can't come near me with that lead line' to him putting his chin out to accept the line when I approach with it, laying his head on my shoulder and dozing while I rub him, and allowing me complete access to every part of his head, neck, and back, with or without the curry brush.

There's still a hint of stubbornness whenever he sees a tuft of especially juicy grass while on the line, or can't figure out exactly where we're going, but that's melting away surely and steadily with the proper application of light pressure, strong praise, ear scratches, and treats.

We've actually gone so far in the direction of social connection that now my latest task is dissuading him, gently, from giving me social grooming nibbles and nips. These gestures are normal when a horse has accepted you as a herd member, and though they are a far cry from disrespectful bites, or aggressive nips, they are still powerful enough to cut and bruise. So regrettably the only option is to gently draw him away from the habit, no matter how well meaning he is.

We play quite a lot now too; Games of running back and forth together mostly, and sometimes kicking his grain bucket back and forth like a soccer match, but I'm looking into getting him a proper equine ball (like a beach ball but bigger and far more durable).

And of course, we take lots of walks in the woods. Still sticking relatively close to home for now, but every time he makes progress in behaving better on the line, I take him further afield, and he gets nicer treats/rewards. He's definitely understanding, learning, and bonding.

I have a bit and bridle of my own now as well, so soon enough it will be time to practice taking that on and off... That's sure to be very, very interesting indeed. The plan is to follow that up with walks on the bridle/bit/reins instead of a lead line, lunge line work, and then on to getting him to accept a saddle blanket, and test weights.

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Sounds fun! I wish you good luck with the testing.

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