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Animate Well · 8:24pm January 19th

I'd put a "Contest!" in the blog title, but I'm not running this one. I'm just helping judge it. Pick your favorite classic cartoon and throw them into ponies, because it's time to ask a question that's been echoing about the site practically from the day it went up: Who Crossed Over My Little Pony?

Also, I'm not saying that anyone who uses the "CG cartoons are immune to Dip but vulnerable to magnets" concept will get extra points, but I will get a warm, fuzzy feeling. :raritywink:

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Also worth repeating from the main contest blog: don't be afraid to get silly. We're talking about classic cartoons here, silly was their stock in trade!

What an interesting idea for a contest! Best of luck FoME, this looks like a lot of fun!

Hmm... best I can think of is:
-Rarity opens a boutique in Toon Town. Simple concept, feasible to fit within the show context.
-Roger Rabbit comes in, does some silly toon things (which Rarity, being a sophisticated Flash pony finds abhorrent and annoying, yet familiar), and orders a dress for his wife.
-Rarity assumes the dress is for a rabbit, and has to guesstimate the measurements. A lot of pondering on how silly these toons are, and generalities about males being inattentive.
-Rarity then meets Jessica Rabbit, who's realised her husband didn't get the right measurements, because he's very silly like that. She wants to get the dress done right, and to surprise Roger, let him think he did the job perfectly. Rarity realises, much like Eddy Valentine did, that Roger and Jessica are and remain couple goals, right up there with Gomez and Morticia Addams and the Landlord and Landlady from Kung Fu Hustle.

-End on Rarity feeling some modicum of envy towards Jessica, because she herself is as of yet unmarried. Romance takes many forms, and she realises that after all this time, she's never been entirely certain of what she really wanted from a husband.

Plot bunny up for grabs, if not contest legal then maybe food for thought for a different sort of story, non-crossover.

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