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Licensed Real Estate Agent & Notary Public. I also really love magical girls.

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Rainbow Dash Around the World · 1:18pm Dec 1st, 2021

Coming March 2022

Behind her the ancient door closed shut and with it the freezing winter wind trying to escape disappeared. Rainbow Dash took but a second to realize that she was no longer cold and the ice covering her body had melted away. For practically the first time since she had started this journey, she was someplace outside where she wasn’t cold and it wasn’t because of any magical power or strange phenomena. It was just… how the weather was now.

She lifted her head up and looked forward. Her ruby eyes saw more rocky mountains in front of her but they were ones not capped by snow or covered in frost and no cold winds blew between their valleys. The sun was out above the mountains, creating an arid warmth in the range through a sky unmarred by any clouds. It was a whole new world in front of her full of the unknown and the exciting.

Rainbow Dash grinned in confident anticipation and took to the air, beginning her flight south.




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