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Rittenhouse · 4:22am Nov 27th, 2021

Yes, Rittenhouse is White.

If you don't want Whites shooting you, leftist losers, then go try to start trouble within the Hispanic or Asian communities. I would hope the result would be the same, only the color would change. That's the way you stop these packs of rabid animals from ruining this country, by force. We've tried to coexist with you, but you're not pleasant company. Tolerance has its limits. Behave before you get yourselves into even more trouble with the rest of us or you'll only have yourselves to blame.

And yes, much to your utter surprise, you, blacks and leftists, don't have as many allies within those communities as you like to tell yourselves.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving To All Those Not Trying To Destroy This Nation.

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