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Hello everypony im yoshifan My favorite character is Yoshi obviously lol but i do like my little pony friendship is magic and zootopia super smash bros Pokémon ( 31 ) ( male ) ( straight )

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Elements of Harmony Assembled · 9:07pm Nov 17th, 2021

Say hello to my friends

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And once again, Spike isn't included in this :moustache::flutterrage:

At least these “Season 10” comics ended when they did. Not only do they not give any reason to be official thanks to Jeremy Whitley’s writing and Andy Price’s art, but they were a garbage heap every step of the way.

THIS. IS. SICK! Such an awesome panel, seeing all of these characters together. The only thing missing would be a team with Spike in it. Maybe a team of dragons? What would they be called though? The Elements of... Hearts. Because Dragonheart.

I'm sorry it didn't give you a good expression I mean it was a novelty to be honest with you I kind of like it and I'm sure somebody in this fandom will probably make a fanfiction about this

I highly doubt that. There hasn’t been any story inspired by the comics from the moment they got started, and it’s not like they’ll actually provide anything solid for fanfic writers anyway.

Yo that looks freaking cool man

I'm sure they can come up with something and using their imagination I mean it's called a fan fiction for a reason bro

Yes. But, what meat can the comics actually provide for the fanfiction world? Can anything about them ever serve as the right inspiration?

They certainly didn’t inspire me, I’ll tell you that. Heck, the results of the comics left my brain without even so much as a creative spark.

Like I said I'm sure some people have more imagination they can come up with

I have some imagination when I read some mlp comic since if I feel like it. I could rewrite them in my image in a fanfic and fix the problem that they had

I’ll believe it when I see it.

However, I still stand by my opinion that these comics are both unofficial and a complete garbage heap of bad storytelling and illustration.


See told you how somebody could do it 😉

Honestly, I was thinking more on the lines of sequels to the storylines rather than fixfics. 🤷🏻‍♂️But hey, you do you.

Hey whatever blows your mind man

Yeah since I plan of having The Siege of the Crystal Empire comic to be a type of war arc

Ohh That sounds pretty interesting

Well, yes everyone has their own way of writing

Since Siege sound like a battle/war title. It make sense for it to be a battle/war. I know it a My Little Pony comic but still


🤷🏻‍♂️But hey, you do you

but seriously it maybe not the best comic of this whole series sure there's some Miss and hit but they're still people who actually enjoy it and everybody has their own opinion about what they like or hate

I still think there's some potential to make a story something like that

Well that comic ending was one of the weakest and laziest writing that I've ever seen...

Good art. But horrible story for IDW MLP universe Season 10 though. If I had to be honest.

I mean yeah it did felt a little rush I kind of wish they made more comics of this so we know what the heck is going on but it just kind of flew by really too quickly but yeah I do love this picture so much

Everything about this IDW MLP S10 felt poor written and executed. Plus add more material at the very end of the G4. Not to mention showing the S10 villains near the very end of the season. Without even establishing them from the get go.

That'll be like MCU showing Thanos at the evey end without even establishing who he is and why he is a threat.

I mean at least he was developed and established throughout the entire Infinity Saga.

But I think this guy explain why Season 10 was overall bad, maybe mediocred at best. Review and Analysis.

Yeah I saw his review and I get what he meant sure it wasn't what we expected from the comic but it was a novelty yeah sure the storytelling could have been a little bit better it felt a little Rush as I said before and I've always keeps saying that the comic and the so do not connect with each other so people just attended to not include the comic as Cannon just like The Walking Dead but as JonTron say

Yeah. Well, that's all in going to talk about this matter. Maybe MLP ended on Season 9 was for the best.

Well I guess it depends who wanted to go for but everybody has their opinion so it's up to anybody who wants to make a cannon or not either way I still like the ending of season 9

That's fine. And leave it at that. Least you want to be like Mad Mix Master.

No I'm not going to be as crazy as that guy who is just desperate and wasting money and power for something that Hasbro will never do

Yes, quite right. What a damn fool.

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