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Hello everypony im yoshifan My favorite character is Yoshi obviously lol but i do like my little pony friendship is magic and zootopia super smash bros Pokémon ( 32 ) ( male ) ( straight )

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The busiest day for the Apple family selling their products out there and it's the busiest day ever but unfortunately Grand Pear is not feeling too well due to his toothache and Applejack cannot do it and so is the family so she asked Sandbar and Gallus take him there and it's a simple routine but things will be much difficult that they expected.

Credit a good friend of mine from Tumblr frithislord aka frithnotdead aka frithlives for helping me with ideas. https://frithlives.tumblr.com/ thanks buddy

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Gallus felt like he wanted to make friends but doesn't know how and feeling that he never give back. And this is before season 8 came around.

This is basically a sort inspiration of young Sheldon story s2e22 but a very short story and probably my only one time story.

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