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I love to create stories.

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  • Tuesday
    It’s My Birthday Once Again!

    Yup, it’s that time of year again. My birthday!

    …If only my brother and stepdad weren’t sick, and mom on her way to the same fate.

    Yeah, everybody’s either sick with a flu-bug or their way there, so I’m stuck with majority of the chores.

    But it’s fine, nothing I’m not entirely used to; I’ve had to pick up the slack before, isn’t the first time, won’t be the last.

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    9 comments · 29 views
  • Monday
    Bonus Poll End!

    It is unanimous! I hereby declare Plank King of the Cul-De-Sac!

    …Oops, heh, must’ve binge-watched too much Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Let me try that again. :twilightsheepish:

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    7 comments · 52 views
  • Friday
    A Wielder and His Students: 100 Likes Milestone Bonus Poll

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but my story has reached 100 likes so far. To commemorate this milestone, I’ve added a couple new worlds for another poll, only this time, the result will be final; whichever world has the most votes will be used in the near future and the one that didn’t make the cut will be off the list indefinitely.

    Here are the bonus worlds:

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  • 3 weeks
    I Got A Nintendo Switch Lite For Christmas!

    Yup, it finally happened.

    Now I don’t have to share a Switch with my brother anymore :ajsmug:

    Plus I got Pokémon Shining Pearl AND became Champion to boot! And at Midnight during New Years Eve! Talk about a great way to kick off the new year! :pinkiehappy:

    I hope I can find more people to play with, right now I only have one friend on my Switch friend list :twilightblush:

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  • 4 weeks
    On Hold For The Holidays

    Hey guys.

    Listen, I know you’re all waiting for me to post new chapters, some more than others, but with the holidays this close, I’m not entirely sure if I’m gonna post another chapter before the end of this year, which sucks because I have a lot planned, but as they say, “Them’s the breaks” and all that.

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I Am Once Again Back In Business! · 10:58pm Oct 22nd, 2021

Yeah, I know, “How long will THIS last?” Is what you’re more than likely thinking, but I’ve got a plan this time. :raritywink:

Also, I MAY have to upgrade to a new laptop at some point, but not yet.

Soon enough, I’m getting back to work, got custom decks to make and stories to write.

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Awwwww yiss. Looking forward to whatever you have brewing up. Good luck my dude.

Yo! Welcome back Golden. Can't wait to see more of your work..but I will wait lol

Nice to hear you're back.

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