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  • Monday
    ‘Licious Raspberry

    “Hey Dante, I’m finally back! Are you home?”

    Undead Bez was met with a muffled, booming sound, presumably from Dante’s studio.

    “…Huh. What’s he up to?” She inquired aloud, stepping closer to the source of the bass heavy music. Should I knock? Would he even hear me? she wondered as she reached the door to the studio.

    “Yo!” A voice answered, as the music stopped. 

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    I’m actually not sure which crack ship I prefer—

    Pharynx x Discord or Pharynx x Sombra?

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    hey wait a minute—

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  • Saturday
    Since it’s December, it just came to me.

    Remember this garbage I wrote?

    🎶For the twelfth pizza order, the toppings I will need...🎶

    🍕Twelve Pepperonis🍕
    🌶Eleven Jalapeños🌶
    🧄Ten Cloves Of Garlic🧄
    🔶Nine Yellow Peppers🔶
    🧅Eight Onion Slices🧅
    🍍Seven Chopped Pineapples🍍
    🌭Six Balls Of Sausage🌭
    🐟Five Anchovieeees~🐟
    🥓Four Bacon Bits🥓
    🍄Three Mushrooms🍄
    ⚫️Two Black Olives⚫️
    🧀And A Dash Of Some Parmesan Cheeeeese~🧀

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  • 6 days
    *Insert Jaws reference here*

    Griff shook his flaming mane free of the several shards of glass. Bezier looked over, blinking in disbelief at the sight. “Yeesh, where’d all that come from? Crashed into a window or something?”

    “When sand gets too hot, begins to crystallize. Perhaps Griffon should not have taken nose dive into that sand castle.”

    “Honestly I’m just glad it didn’t cut you or anything.”

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Carnivores · 6:45pm October 17th

“There you are, Rami. How was your job?”

“It went well, not many ponies showed up but atleast I get longer breaks,” Ramirez said as she approached Bezier and Pharynx, stretching her legs. “How about you Bez? How are…” noticing Pharynx she tried her best to hide her blush “P-Pharynx! H-how are you?”

“Eh, could be better, could be worse. I’m average.”

“A-Alright!” turning to Bez, still blushing lightly “c-can I talk to you for a moment? i-in private?”

“Sure thing. Phar, I’ll be back in a sec.”

Pulling Bez away from him, she looked around to see if any bugs were nearby. Not seeing any, she sighed “so...um...y-you probably already know why I’m blushing a bit, r-right?”

“Because you were staring at Pharynx?”

“Eheheh…” blushing harder Rami hides her face under her mane.

“I’ll… take that as a yes.”

“I have a bit of a crush on him and his brother…”

“Ooh, both of them, huh?”


“Heheh. Interesting.”

“I also wanted to ask you where Venom is?”

“Venom? Oh, he and his siblings are chilling somewhere with the Fangs.”

“Um...do you mind i-if you take me to see him? T-this is actually my first time in a changeling hive…”

“Huh… really?”

“That and actually seeing more changelings…”

“Sure thing. Follow me.”


After a series of winding hallways, the pair of changelings went into the cafeteria. 

“Whoa…” Ramirez’s jaw drops as she saw the amount of changelings here, reformed changelings that is.

“Cool, right? The Fangs are a couple of the very few hole-hooves that actually live here.”

“Wait, does this mean I’m not the only unreformed changeling here!?”

“…You’re talking to one right now, so yeah.”

“I literally forgot you are an unreformed changeling, heheh...um...sorry…”

“It’s cool. Let’s go see what they’re up to.”

“Okay” following Bez through the cafeteria they both make there way over to Venom who is currently with a group of unreformed changelings. The blue reformed changeling was specifically talking with a male unreformed changeling with a bright red carapace and a scar on one of his red eyes.

“H-Hey Venom!” Ramirez smiles as she approaches him, covering up her blush very quickly.

“Huh? Who’s—” His eyes widened when he turned to look at her.


“It’s… it’s you!”

“Yep! Its me! How are you Venom?” sitting down she wagged her tail and smiled at him.

“Heh. For once, I’m actually pretty decent.”

“So, are these changelings your friends?” Ramirez asked as she looks at the others.

“You could say that. This particular big guy right here?” He gestured to the male changeling he had been chatting with. “That’s Hivehunter.”

“Well, nice to meet you Hivehunter! I’m Ramirez!” Ramirez said cheerfully, offering a hoof shake.

“Heh. You too. This one of your friends, Bezzy?”

Bezier blushed at him before nodding. “Yep. Pretty much.”

Oh? She has a crush on him or something? Ramirez thought to herself. Looking back at them she was about to say something but was cut off by her stomach growling “sorry...I haven’t eaten yet…”

“You want something? I could show you what they’re currently serving.”

“Oh! Yes please! I wonder what you changelings eat around here!”

“Sure thing! Right this way.”

Following Venom she looks around the cafeteria, she couldn’t believe that there's alot of reformed changelings. Most are talking to each other while some notice her.

“So what foods do you usually like eating?”

“Is meat an option?”

“Surprisingly, yes… even though Antler Head added an abundance of cookies and ice cream to the menu.”

“Well, what kind of meat?”

“Fish, steak, roast, beef, chicken…”

“Chicken!” licking her lips her stomach growls again.

“Heheh. Chicken it is then. Actually, I was thinking of eating some of that too. Specifically, the barbecued variant. The barbecue sauce has a nice flavor, don’t you think?”

“I can make Carne Asadas!”

Venom stared, blinking. “…Corny what now?”

“Just think of it as sliced grilled steak”

“Ah. Well, steak is good too. I eat it when I’m thinking of keeping a slim figure.”

“I eat it for the delicious flavor! Also I may be smaller than4 the rest of the changelings here but I have a huge appetite!”

“Smaller?” Venom appraised the changeling. “Huh. I actually didn’t notice that.”

“Yes, I’m smol. Some think its cute while others… well…” Ramirez trails off, scuffing her hoof on the ground.

“I see…”

“But I’m strong, just like my father. I ignore what others say about me!”

“Heh… wish it were that easy.”

“How so?”

“You know. Usually, when others are insulting and attacking me or my friends, even when they’re told to stop, it usually results in me giving them the beating they deserve.”

“Heh, serves them right. I’m sure it will be easy for you in the future, si?”

“Doubt it…”

“Come on, have faith in yourself”

“Let’s just get you some food, shall we?”

“Yes please!”

Comments ( 15 )

heh, meat eater.

*tears into her chicken like a wild dog*

She’s certainly enjoying herself ain’t she?

Mhm *tries to pet her*

“dont you dare...” *growls*

she’s like a dog

she’s smol like one *picks up* likes to eat meat, wags her tail like a dog, and is overprotective of her meal.

“Put me down now!”

“Hey, hey, let her keep eating!”

Fine *puts her down*

*continues tearing into the chicken*

“Heh… she does look happy.”


“I love meat!”

“Heh. Who doesn’t? Other than vegans?”

“I need more meat, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse...”

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