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  • 12 weeks

    On reflection, the idea of the princesses getting in a tizzy over whose bottom is best* seems like a great link to try and work Eris in somewhere, as 'To the best bottom' could probably fit on an apple of discord, right?

    *Though I don't know why we're even discussing this we know who the winner is.

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  • 14 weeks

    Without bothering to give context, I'll simply say that I've written the line: "Pudding, pencil poised, paused." and that this gives me an unreasonable amount of delight.

    I live for such moments. Like any time I can, with solid grammatical backing, write out "had had had".

    Gives me a thrill of pleasure.

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  • 30 weeks

    The more TNG I watch (over and over again, forever), the more I come to appreciate whoever went out and got John de Lancie to play Discord.

    Fucking masterstroke.

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  • 31 weeks

    Hey! Look! A reading! And so soon!

    He's a speedy one.

    Now I just need someone to do Mistress of Subtlety.

    I'd do it myself but damn son, time ain't on my side these days.

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  • 32 weeks

    Also, unrelated to anything, really, but I do like how one of the most common elements in any of these fresh new pictures of Izzy is the tennis ball - 'shield', sorry - on her horn. It just tickles me.

    Mean, it's sensible. She opened a tin of beans with that thing! She'll have your eye out!

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#113 · 9:25pm Sep 28th, 2021

New film actually very enjoyable. Bizarrely, the CGI horses look a billion times better moving than they do not moving, not sure how that works. Big fan of Hitch's animal sidekicks getting to be part of the mob and flipping over a vehicle. In fact, big fan of just about all the teensy split-second jokes. Quality work.

Also, I want an Izzy. She is best.

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I agree, but is it just me or is there now light behind Pipp's eyes. She's the one pony who seems to have no soul

New film picks up the Mantle nicely.
Gonna be interesting what plot twists show up in the Series.

Is Sunny a True Alicorn or just a temporary power boost from Friendship Magic? If so, of what?

Who is moving the Sun and Moon after all this time, or has Twilight setup some Mechanical Gizmo?

We know Sunny's Dad is gone, but what about her Mother (my money is on a Pegasus! SHOCK, HORROR! ANGRY ANGRY!)?

As for the film, I think my favourite part (apart from silly happy songs!(AND ANGRY ANGRY!!!)) was when Sprout is complaining about Hitch, and gets to the paid off Mortgage part. Great little line that one.

Edit: Also, will be interesting to see where the Community runs with it.
I'm sure there will be the usual mess of Self-Inserts and Clopouts, but it'll be interesting to see how accurate some of the Fan Predictions will end up being.

I was actually expecting her to be more antagonistic but she turned out alright. Can't really speak to the eyes though. Maybe she gets too much screentime.

There were heaps of wonderful little jokes, the mortgage one definitely being one of them. Hell, it lands while he's leafing through the Hitch calendar - who made that?! Like who made the tiny Sprout bobblehead that he had in the cab of his truckasaurus?

And I did enjoy the very, very screenwritey "After the timeskip her dad's glasses are in a case and she is talking to his picture" trick that more-or-less screamed HE DIED OFFSCREEN! HE'S DEAD NOW! Mean, it works, but it amused me how crafted it was.

But no, lovely times all round. And the ANGRY ANGRY song popped unbidden into my head earlier, so that's a good sign.

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