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If I could make a video game perk, it would be Suicidal Tendencies

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  • Tuesday
    Harlem Hellfighters🎵

    *A whistle blows, and men yell as gunfire and explosions begin happening*

    *The instrumental is kicked off by two drums, followed by the guitars*


    Tonight we die!


    They were sent far from home
    To a land so unknown
    Sent there with one purpose in mind
    African Americans, prepare themselves 

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  • Sunday
    It seems like every major horror name is getting rebooted

    Halloween, Saw, Child’s Play, Candy Man, and now Scream

    All we need now is Texas Chainsaw, and Friday the 13th

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  • Sunday
    *Dies of excitement*

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  • Sunday
    More Primeval Loadouts

    Before we start, I will say this. Loadouts don’t define what a character will use forever. Nor will they be consistent. For example, a character who may use a rifle may use a shotgun if the time calls for it. Same for a character who may use a throwing knife using a grenade.

    The Loadouts are just what a character will often use. Not what they’re always going to use. That’s all, enjoy.

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  • Sunday
    Weird idea I’ve just had

    A new form of art where you make your own (joke) sexualities

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You know the one thing that i would’ve liked for the G5 movie? · 3:08pm September 28th

More of those pegasus guards. There’s too much sexual tension between them

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Yeah, but in all seriousness, I’m going to ship those two harder than the RMS Carmania

Commence with THE SHIPSSSS

Was there? I didn’t see it. If anything one guy sounded like a rookie and the other a higher officer but I got absolutely no sexual tension…

Maybe it’s just me then

Nah if you want to ship em I say do it. Don’t let me stop you. 😊

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