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three more chapters are up! Lets talk food, and the wasteland diet. (Speculation) · 2:32pm September 10th

As we all know about Fallout: Equestria, the diet of wastelanders is far different from that of pones of old Equestria. (Still, why did Applejack keep pigs?)

so ya, is this realistic for the ponies, would they and could they start eating meat?

Fist off, lets remember that were talking about magical ponies who can talk and do human things, it's safe to say there more like equine humans then just small horses. Actually, not only do they have human like eyes, (forward facing eyes) they also have human like teeth when you look at it. They can even develop fangs, such as Flutterbat, or when a pony turns evil by magic. All that, along with the existence of domesticated farm animals dose lead to a clear point. The ponies in MLP are not herbivores, but vegetarian omnivores.

Likely under Celestial did ponies become vegetarians by culture, helped by their ability to process raw plant matter such as hay and flowers. So not a hard switch for them. Before Celestial, Earth Ponies likely did more then just grow plants, but domesticated animals much like ancient humans. With much of ponies history lost before the founding of Equestria, and the strife that happened before the rise of Nightmare Moon, ponies could have just forgotten that they did eat meat, even if it was not a common food source. But practices such as keeping Livestock would continue, but the animals would have other porpoises with them longer being food.

Enter the Wasteland, and the rediscovery of eating meat for equestria. When food is scares, you learn very quickly why the Chinese eat almost anything that moves. Safe to say, survival started the practices, an act of necessity and convenience, which is also what likely started slavery in the wasteland as well. I could imagine quite a lot of ponies would die from eating meat, some from a system shock, others from eating something that would kill anyone. Over time, ponies would adapt and learn, likely using meat as a supplement and rarely as a main food source.

Unfortunately, with the rediscover of meat, would also come with the rediscover of livestock. The biggest victims would be cows, with pockets of them staying relatively as they have for a long time, but many becoming Brahmin, reverting to simple beasts, just with two heads. Pigs and chickens would too fall to this fat, though unlike the pigs, Bramin and chickens can produce eggs and milk to feed ponies. And where Livestock could not be hound, the mutant wiled life would be hunted.

Overall, meat eating would be necessary for most ponies in the wasteland, as any natural food would lack the nutrition to feed a pony, and any preserved foods are over 100 years past their expiration dates. Add a little radroch or gecko to the mix, and a pony has a meal that can fuel them. That said, I'm sure that if all a pony eats is meat, or if it becomes the main part of their diet, this would become a problem. Likely, just like with humans, they would develop stomach issues, along with becoming gassy, among other problem. Arbu would have likely had a strange smell about it, only hidded by the already bad smelling wasteland.

So ya, I could see that the ponies of MLP are in fact omnivores who's system leans heavily on a plan based diet, just not enough the be a herbivore, but can live like one. If compared to humans, I say a pony would only need to consume 1/4 to 1/2 the amount of meat a human dose to maintain heath if food is scarce, and what keeps them heathy is longer available. But were we humans are more reliant on meat to maintain our heath, (Unless we take supplements or are carful with what we eat) a pony can easily go without meat for all their lives. So long as the food they eat has the right nutrition. I can imagine such cases such as scurevy can happen to ponies, meaning they cannot produce vitamin C in their bodies, much like humans and ginniepigs.

Taking that into account, among other things, there are likely several vitamins a pony can't naturally produce, but need to have to survive. Most of those vitamins can be found in other animals, and a few plants. When the wasteland happened, most of those plants become scares, and a hungry pony will eat anything.

Ok, enough ramabling. What do you think, anything to add?

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