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Behind the Story: Story of Us · 2:47am September 3rd

I feel a little strange writing these sorts of things for speedwrites.

I mean, I wrote it in an hour, there was no preconceptional or conceptual phase. There is only an execution, writing, and review phase.

But I’m still going to damn well try.

Story of Us is about, well, a story about the story of batponies, as told by one. The story the story is telling is fashioned as a story within the story, one lost to time. So, I’ll try and explain what went through my mind while writing.

After thinking about what the hell to write for 5 minutes, I came up with an idea.

So, I envisioned this entire ordeal in terms of Super Mario Galaxy, and yes, I know that sentence is wild. I envisioned Luna as this Rosalina-like character who took a bunch of outcast children in and treated them as her children because they had nowhere else to go.

Naturally, because the contest was about batponies, Luna is this hypothetical ‘Mother’ to a legion of batponies instead of small floating stars.

When I got onto actually writing the story, I thought of the entire story as if it were the Civil Rights Movement. Taking a little bit of inspiration from Zootopia as well, I came up with these two separate factions who never got along because of stereotyping and just overall isolation from the other.

For the record, I define ‘Equestrians’ as the unification of Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi, so just because a country in one of my stories is mentioned as being ‘in Equestria’ doesn’t mean that its occupants are Equestrians. Yes, it’s an America/American situation, American meaning ‘people from the US’ and America meaning ‘North/South America’.

This story was written to be somewhat political, but still enjoyable in a perfectly apolitical way. There’s many parallels you can draw between the story and, well, current events along with the 60’s Civil Rights Movement if you care to look for them.

But still, at its core, this story wasn’t meant to be a metaphor— just a history lesson. That’s exactly what the story turned out to be. There’s a moral in there about how division through stereotypes and things like that, sows division, as in disharmony, a personal opinion that really affects the story in the end.

In the end, this story was basically another headcanon piece, much like Not Who I Thought I’d Be, though much less controversial (though I see that the person who dislikes all my stories has finally realized that I wrote it).

And sometimes in the end, I just kinda want to explain a headcanon.

I’m not denying there’s tons of open opportunities to expand upon what was described in the story, but right now, I’m personally fine with it.

And until next time; be awesome!

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Gotta love when you get popular enough you get hate-followers. :/

Still cool to hear about the behind the scenes stuff. :)

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