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Crystalline Waters

Hi there! I love all things Wonderbolts and Soarindash related. Fleetfoot is my favorite Wonderbolt, Luna is my favorite princess, and Lightning Dust is my favorite antagonist. That's all for now! :)

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Explaining My Ships · 5:12am Aug 27th, 2021

Hey y’all! So I was bored and I was brainstorming ideas for a future fic. This will be my fluffy fic about the Wonderbolts. But i just want to explain my ships. I know I don’t have to but I just really want to elaborate. I won’t elaborate on Soarindash just because I really don’t have any reason to ship them other than the fact that I’ve read nice stories about them. I’ve also already written a ton about them. :rainbowlaugh:

Rapidfire and Misty Fly- I feel like Rapidfire is always portrayed as the sarcastic, dirty-minded, and sometimes insensitive/rude? member if the team. See I can get behind that, and I think that Misty is kind of the same way. She just gives off that energy, but not totally in the same way. She seems like the type of pony to be able to have a lot if fun with him, and connect with him, but also not put up with any bullshit from him. So essentially she can vibe but also reel him back in.

Silver Zoom and Sun Chaser- These two would work well together because I see them as the mature two of the team. Silver is often portrayed as old, which I personally won’t write him as, but I can see the level of maturity there that some of the stallions lack. Sun Chaser as I have read, is very motherly and very sweet and caring. I will portray her as a really hard worker who tends to burn herself out easily for the sake of those she cares about. I think that their workhorse personalities would work really well together because of their maturity, and how devoted the two would be to each other.

Lightning Streak and Thunderlane- About these two… I know I asked a while ago who to ship Lightning Streak with, and you all picked Hugh Winds. I tried, I really did, to imagine those two together, and I tried to write about them together, but I just cannot do it. I would pair High and Thunderlane because I can easily imagine that, but I don’t want Lightning to be left out because he’s ALWAYS the single one. Anyways, back to the point. Thunderlane is a mature stallion from what we see on the show. He’s protective, and inspiring, and does his best to be a leader. Lighting is also mature, yet also super anxious. I think that Thunderlane can be super goofy and caring, so he’d be perfect to help ease his coltfriend when he’s having a rough day or moment. In turn, Lightning will always be down to have a quiet, romantic moment with Thunderlane. In my head these two are perfect for one another and I’m overly excited to write about them in upcoming stories. *squeee*

Blaze and Wave Chill- The reasoning behind these two is kind of cliché. They’re kind of opposites. Fire and water, a mare with a fiery temper and personality, with a super chill dude. I do like them because I think that should Blaze get too worked up over something, Wave will be there to bring her down from her heat.(I didn’t know how to phrase that.) I think that she would be a super fun pony who would meld well with his sense of humor and enjoy lots of the same things that he does. I think that she’d be super adventurous which would work perfectly with the two.

Fire Streak and Surprise- This is another couple that makes me happy. I want to make Fire a serious guy with a nice goofy side. I think Surprise would 10/10 embrace his quirks and encourage his wild side. I think he would ground her and just be that anchor of calm in Surprise’s life while she helps him soar. I think she would be super cuddly and PDA with Fire, but I don’t think he’d mind too much. They’d be sweet together.

High Winds and Night Glider- After deciding to pair Thunderlane with Lightning, I realized that there was no one left for High Winds. There’s no problem with that, but I wanted her to have someone to write her with. I wanted it to be a Wonderbolt, and Vapor and Sky…. not them. So I thought if Night Glider, who reminds me so much of Fleetfoot, who has that trademark blown back hairstyle. I found that this works really well because I can characterize them to my liking. High Winds is adorable first off, and seems super sweet. Night Glider seems really brave and tough. Like Misty and Rapid, they’re half opposites, half the same. High would always fret over her marefriend, and Night would always brush off her concerns, not always being the most careful. But she’d be protective over High, and try to show her mushy side now and again. I feel like there’s be a lot of pillow talk between this couple. Writing will be interesting.

Spitfire and Fleetfoot- There’s so many reasons for my shipping them. Darling Fleetfoot is the delicate, small mare who needs a lot of reassurance. Spitfire is the powerful, tall mare who can take on the world. I think she would for Fleetfoot. The two are top rankers on the team, giving them a special prowess together while in the sky. Whether it’s in a show or on a mission, the two are powerful together. Fleetfoot is given so much confidence from Spitfire, and Spitfire is given a softness from Fleetfoot. I can’t put these into words, they’re just so cute together. (If they were humans I could totally imagine them together in a pumpkin patch in the fall.)

In short, I love the shipping fuel here, and am so excited to explore these characters more in my future fic and some in Behind the Flight Goggles, which will be coming out soon. Also if you couldn’t tell, Fleetfire, ThunderStreak, and SunZoom are my favorite ships. :raritywink: I can’t wait!
If you stayed till the very end, thank you so much. That was long I know. Have a wonderful day!

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Awww, yes! A lot of these ships are actually my own ships for the 'bolts, cool to see we agree. Thunderstreak and High-Glider do make total sense too, so adorable!

oh my god now that u explained Lightning and Thunder i could totally see it! I just wasn’t sure how you were gonna portray Thunder ya know? AND IT’S LIKE THUNDER AND LIGHTNING
by god i am an idiot.
anyways, no, you didn’t have to explain your reasoning, and even though some of our ships are different i reallyyyy like yours and can’t wait for you to write the book !

I know! I’m so glad it all worked out!

YES ITS THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!! And thank you for being so excited for it. I’m itching to start it!

i solemnly swear to not pester u about it :moustache:

Not bad.The only favorite wonderbolt was Soarindash,Soarinfire,Skytrail.The rest well I didn't really care that much.

It a shame that there not that much SkyTrail fanfic thoae two were my OTP.

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