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Husbandos and Waifu’s of Equestria 3 · 12:31am August 3rd

Today, we’re doing the Royal family. Let’s a go!

Celestia: 10/10. Although, I’d honestly like her as a mother-like figure. I dunno, she just carries that aura.

Luna: 10/10. I mean, duh.

Cadence: 10/10. I dunno, she’s just pretty I guess. And nice.

Blueblood: 0/10. Fuck you.

Shining: 7/10. Military, yes, but to be honest, he’s kind of a push-over.

Flurry Heart (aged up): 8/10. Considering we don’t know much, I can’t really rate her higher.

And just for the hell of it, Raven Inkwell: 8/10. Again, dorky girls are cute.

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