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I am an Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, so why am I here? Read this...! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/769267/if-im-an-anti-brony-why-am-i-on-this-site

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I was on THE SHIP IT SHOW · 3:08pm July 20th

Here's the vid...

I wore my cosplay mask because... I miss the cons, and The ship it show loves cosplayers, and this way they know it's ME for sure.

July 5, I was contacted by the show and asked if I wanted to appear on a community show to celebrate the love of the most regular coming guests.

They also asked me to recommend other people to come on the show, hence some of the guests.

We all had fun, we talked, we joked, and really got know each other better... and best of all we were THANKED and APPRECIATED for what we do.

(We forgot to SHIP MARRY KILL thought) It's a little game we play that Greg does every show. Every guest is asked Which characters would you... yourself...


Greg even showed one of my BEAST BOYS MAGIC VOICES that he asked me to make for him way back in January. He wanted to air it before but they didn't have the software to share links yet (I was happy anyway)

We all even got to me LUKE WATSON... The Head chief behind the whole show who used to be just an anon email to us all. He was playing the role of Tara until she showed up (We were told she was out that night and wouldn't be with us... but she couldn't resist)

*8:49* There she is... we guests were double blessed getting to hang with her, talk with her, get to know her more...

*18:07* Tara: "I don't how I feel about the pony hate."

Truth is, she knew I hated MLP long ago... I told her when I met her in person in 2015... and that I had Twilight killed off, but she understood... it's all fiction.

And while she is a little sensitive when it comes to the pony hate and stuff, she understands that I'm not really trying to hurt people, they're just stories, and also... I posted a picture of Count Logan breaking Flurry Heart's head on twitter to describe things like that to other people (They're just stories) and she FAVED IT.

Why Greg even has a saying on Twitter.


He's right, cuz he agrees with what I do too...

When I'm angry, instead of punching or kicking real people, or smashing and breaking things, I just channel all my anger and hate into fiction and drawing (Hence the fics and vids)

Still, I had a great time (Looking forward to the next) Not letting it go to my head thought.

It was cool to appear on the show, but that's all I label it as.

Also... the show could use more subscribers, more fans, ect, ect... so feel free to check it all out... and maybe YOU can be invited on the show someday, or to their after parties.


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