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New Pony Fic Now Live · 8:45pm Jul 19th, 2021

Howdy, folks!

So I have a new fic out, and wonder of wonders, it is MLP again! It took a bit longer to finalize and get all ready to go than I was expecting, but it’s ready to go.

Part one of Couples Retreat is now live … on Offprint, going up over the course of this week. After that, it’s getting simultaneously crossposted to AO3 and here over the course of next week. I’ll be posting two additional little update blurb blogs on Wednesday and Friday as Offprint updates, then posting the actual story here.

“But bats, you bitch,” you may ask, “this is a My Little Pony story, why aren’t you publishing it to Fimfiction first?” Good question, Li’l Fimmy, and the answer to that question is that, well, Offprint is my fanfiction base of operations now. I have discussed previously on my blogs announcing my recent two The Owl House stories why I believe in the project and am throwing my support behind it. It’s still in alpha and still going through some growing pains as it builds in all the functionality it really needs to launch in a minimum viable product state, but it’s getting there, and I think it’ll make it, with support and interest. I’m giving the platform the exclusive on my stories, both pony and non-pony, because I’m throwing that support in full force.

All that said, I’m not abandoning this place, and as it remains the top place to share ponyfic, I’m definitely going to post it here, as well as any future pony stories from me (and yes there are more, there’s at least one more pony novel in me that’s scratching to get out of my brain), so if you’d rather just wait and see it next week, no worries. Just think of this as a sneak preview for what’s coming next week, available only for you lovely ladies, lords, and loons who follow me.

That’s all I got for this time, will pop in Wednesday and Friday as the last two parts go up, then I’ll be here for realsies next week as the fic goes live on fimfic. Until then, TTFN.

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Looking forward to it!

Author Interviewer

that's a good way to do things :)

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