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New She-Ra Fanfic Live on Offprint · 8:31pm Aug 18th, 2021

Heyo, pony-peeps!

So I’ve got a new story for y’all that’s out today and up on Offprint.net for your reading enjoyment, if you’re so inclined. This one’s non-pony and is me diving into writing She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fanfic for the first time. It is also my first time writing something sexually explicit in quite a number of years.

I’m not going to link straight to the story, but rather to my saucy profile on Offprint.net, since linking to NSFW stuff is going against site rules and all and I can’t tag it to a specific NSFW story here. Anyway, it should be quickly accessible on my user page if you have settings enabled on Offprint to view explicit stories (which is browser-specific and doesn’t require a profile, here's a link to the settings page if you need it). Hope you enjoy, feel free to drop a comment on this blog for the story if you’re not interested in joining the Offprint alpha to leave comments and stuff there. Also, after the week exclusivity, I’ll be posting it to AO3 as well, so you can just wait for it over there if that’s more your style (I’ll be posting it to the pseudonym bats after dark). Any which way, it’ll be there for your reading enjoyment.

As for what’s next, I’ve been in kind of a choppy place with writing these last few weeks thanks to work being kinda wonky, but at the moment I’m working on writing some original fiction which may or may not take shape into anything. It’s been kind of a rough start to get off the ground with it, but it feels like once I get some traction, I’ll be able to plow ahead like I have on other projects. It’s just that getting the traction’s been rough. While I work on that, thanks to The Owl House being on a mid-season hiatus, I may be inevitably drawn back into TOH fanfic pretty soon, just to keep from going into withdrawals.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this one, I’ll pop in next week to drop a link when the AO3 version goes up, until then, TTFN.

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Not registered on Offprint, so I’ll just mention here how much I loved this. You got their voices (so to speak) down pat, and it was both very spicy and super wholesome. Only nitpick is I felt maybe Catra called Adora “dork” and such once or twice too often, so that it felt a tiny bit repetitive; removing an instance or using another word once or twice would help. Still, it’s a tiny trivial detail that didn’t distract at all from the fun. I hope you write these two lovable idiots again. :twilightsmile:

(Oh, and I found one instance of “Adora” where you meant “Catra”, here: under Adora’s touches.)

Woop, totally missed that name flub *fixes typo*

And glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile: I can see where you're coming from on the dork/dummy/idiot banter, I'll keep it in mind when I revisit them (which is def happening, have a story outlined I'll be getting to eventually).


Looking forward to it, whether saucy or otherwise. :coolphoto:

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