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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Tuesday
    Horse Riding

    I feel like expanding upon this story with more, or a big chapter. And expand in more ways... than one. Also, it somehow got featured. The story is no longer under the complete tag.

    What do you think of this plan?

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  • Saturday
    Ponies reactions to a human eating meat?

    I seen some stories where the ponies behave like screeching harpies over the fact that a human eats meat. As in overreact, and make such a big thing about it, and shun the human. We can assume the ponies have diplomatic relations with sapien minded species like the Griffons. I'm pretty sure the Griffons eat meat, and it goes without saying the Griffons are not going to kill and eat ponies....

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  • 1 week
    Back to normal sized ponies

    Too much big pony. Back to normal-sized ponies. I've been making so many big pone stories recently. Maybe some silly interactions or whatever with a human. But no more elephant-sized ponies or bigger with growth. At least for a while. Nearly every story I've had made recently has huge ponies.

    I made my point. There are big pones in my stories. I'm taking a break from making big pone stories.

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  • 1 week
    If Rome never existed?

    Let's just say Italy was never unified, it was always divided by city-states. There are Celts, Greeks, Carthaginians, and other groups squabbling over it in endless wars. With Rome neutralized as a threat, who would rise as a superpower instead and fill the power vacuum?

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    Reforming Ted Bundy

    This is probably one of the most depraved individuals that ever walked the face of the Earth. I seriously doubt even the ponies would try to reform him. Okay, he's not some sort of emperor or anything, he was a serial killer. I feel even Genghis Khan would probably chop his head off over the stuff he has done to his victims. In short, not only did he kill people, but he was also a necrophiliac.

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Age of Empires IV · 6:42am July 17th

Anyone of my followers looking forward to Age of Empires 4? I might mostly play as the The Delhi Sultanate due to their elephant units. I like big things. Since you seen all my big pony stories.

Me, I playing Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition, and the HD version.

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Never heard of the series whats it like?

didn't realize there was still age of empires being released, played 2 a few years back but I gravitate towards the star wars clone (galactic battlegrounds) for my fun. Only good star wars thing with gungans in it

Bendy #3 · July 17th · · ·

It's a RTS set in the medieval ages. The original game was made back in 1999, and is still being played today.

A standard game is on a map called Arabia. You start off in the darkage with a building called a town center, three villagers, and a scout. Villagers are weak, non combatant units, but they are what you need to gather resources. A scout is basically a weak unit on a horse, but has good line of sight to help you scout the map. A Town Center can make villagers, but you need 50 food per villagers There is no upkeep of units in the game, but you need resources to make them. There are four resources; food, wood, gold, and stone.

In team game, trade carts are needed to keep gold flowing in. Since gold mines will run out of gold eventually.

Civilizations have strengths and weaknesses. Persians have the most powerful unit in the game: War Elephants. Their weakness however is that they are costly units. You need a huge economy to keep the elephants pumping out. They are very powerful late game civ.

Someone like the Huns are great in the early game. They a good rush civ due to cheap horse archers, but very poor in the late game due to poor technology. All they have is good Knights and horse archers for the late game.

You can make custom maps/mods can host them online for others to play. This offers great replay ability if you get sick of standard games.

i play battle of empire 1914 -1915 and age of empires i was a kid:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Yes! I have AoE, AoE II HD Edition, and AoE III Definitive Edition, and I love them. Aoe IV looks like it's going to be a blast.

AoE II HD is still my favorite, though. For me it's the perfect blend of graphics and gameplay. I don't like too much futzing around with my classic games. Improve the graphics a tad to work on my modern monitor, maybe fix the AI if it's wonky, but leave the rest alone. Still, IV looks great, and I can't wait to try it out.

Bendy #6 · July 17th · · ·

I like swords and bows more when it comes to RTS.

Age of Empires 2 is still alive. Can be played online with others.

I've yet to play AOE 3. I like AOE 2 more due to swords and bows. I dislike gun warfare. I find it uncool. There are guns in AOE 2, but they rather lacking and very late game units. Plus not all civilizations have them. (and in a scenario, you can always ban them)

Mods/and scenarios kept the game alive. It can be played basically forever due to that.

Same. I'm all about the swords and arrows. Guns are fun if I want to end the battle quickly, but the real fun is in out-strategizing the enemy or enemies. Also, the irksome thing about AoE 3 Definitive Edition is they've changed it to this isometric kind of style, more "realism." That's a bit troublesome for me because it's harder to manage things in a battle. Also, the lack of status indicators. AoE 2 nailed the ability to tell you what was being built, by whom, and how many. AoE 3 seems to make it less intuitive, so AoE 2 remains my favorite, but yeah, give AoE 3 a try if you can, you might like it.

I am waiting for it but I am still disappointed towards AOE3 for not having a Napoleonic campaign.

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