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Mario Kart Fundraiser for Cynewulf! · 4:46pm July 10th

And it kicks off in 15 minutes!!!


Additionally, if you can't attend but would like to help Cyne, go HERE.

Hey everyone!

My good friend and incredibly talented writer, Cynewulf, has been dealt an incredibly shitty hand and has been put in a really awful situation financially (namely, she was laid off without a warning). As such, I'll be bringing back my Mario Kart Fundraiser to help her! She's been an incredibly good friend to me my entire time here in this fandom, and I want to help her in return.

Essentially, TOMORROW starting at 10AM PDT, I will be streaming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and will be attempting to get all gold cups in all six first cups in and we'll be taking donations all day long! Any donation is amazing, but to encourage people, donations over $50 will result in me rolling a dice that will make my next race challenging.

Some of these challenges include: taking a spoonful of the hottest sauce available before the race; playing with the controller backwards; playing with the controller upside down; playing with oven mitts; True Mirror Mode which is me playing by looking at a Mirror rather than the screen; and more!

The stream will be taking place ON MY TWITCH CHANNEL. If you're curious about how it's going to work out, I was doing some tests yesterday so you can check those out (the longer video, specifically). You can also check the about page to see a little more info on how it all works out.

I'll re-post this tomorrow before I start c:

- mono

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