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Okay... · 2:06am Jul 4th, 2021

whoo boy. You know, a part of me is honestly glad I forgot Pride and Positivity was a thing and to be fair I had other things to work on that had my attention.

But wow. Like seven fucking Christs on a bike. Okay, uh... Jesus fuck. Like, I've been hearing second-hand accounts that this was a thing, and *wow*.

Now, is the attempted suicide or more accurately what led up to it excusable? Hell no! Bullying someone to even attempt take their own life is sickening and sometimes I wonder if people watched the same show I did.

That being said, pedophilia is never and should never be allowed. The LGBTQ community has enough problems with mainstream acceptance, goodness knows we don't need it to be made worse. I have mixed feelings about this, an understandable illness sure but I do sorta hope PC gets the help they need.

I dunno, maybe I'm too kind.

Honestly, as someone with depression, I've... struggled, maybe not to the point where it's ever been an option but still. That being said, again pedophilia or foalcon should never be normalized no matter how you want to dress it up. And yeah, it's indeed worrisome FIMfic has an odd double standard about say... Human minors under 18 not being allowed to be sexualized but apparently foals? A-Okay!

flat look

Honestly, I'm not exactly qualified to speak out about this as I'm neither a mental health professional or indeed good with complicated topics such as foalcon or whatever the hell you want to call it. Just putting my two cents in. Before PC, there were others and indeed there will be others after PC.

Sad fact of life. Guess we gotta learn to deal with it, shut it down where we can. Because, well, we've been letting certain types into our community for a while now with barely a thought. We reap what we sow. Honestly, I have to ask, what are the limits to artistic expression? What?

Honestly, I'm not sure, and if foalcon stays as I suspect it will I guess we'll all have to learn to deal with it. It's depressing really, but it's up to mods to decide what they want to do about it. Indeed, I know I'm putting myself in the firing line but I figured I should at least speak up.

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Thank you for saying this, Brick.

I had more important things to do than keep up with recent news and have no idea what this is refering to other than what is explicitly stated in the post.
Bit of backstory please.

Comment posted by doomie-22 deleted Jul 4th, 2021

My only issue with the whole talk is the "fiction stories = pedophilia" crap. Same mentality that pushed "Pot is a gateway drug, if you do pot, you will get addicted to meth and coke" or the famous "If you let boys play with dolls, they will turn gay"

Think on that.

I see, thanks for explaining.

Basically, someone posted a story of Luster being seduced by a grown Sweetie Belle, an 11-year-old Luster at that and it was during Pride Month so completely understandable everyone was furious. That being said, it didn't excuse them for bullying the person to attempted suicide.

It's a complicated issue, *BUT* in my mind if it looks like a duck... walks like a duck and indeed quacks like a duck it's probably a duck.

I too am completely lost, but it seems the comment that explained the situation has been deleted. Really wonder what happened...

Edit, nevermind, I just refreshed the comments to see Brick explained it. Thanks much o/

So, little boys do become gay if they play with dolls, and pot leads to heavy drugs. By your reasoning, both statements are also true.
At the end of the day fiction =/= RL, otherwise we are all just guilty of bestiality on FiM.

Comment posted by Trashface deleted Jul 4th, 2021

I wasn't saying that and this is just my opinion but well I am an auncle so I'm a bit more passionate about this than others would be. Let me tell you if I saw someone eying my niece I'd pound them as I rightfully should. Agree to disagree, as honestly, this is just a difference of opinion.

(Trying to keep things mostly civil here tbh. Already had to block two people, they know what they said. Wasn't even a difference of opinion there, I was just really weirded out)

Really the site needs to ban all future stories like that. Then lock down comments and the thumbs up and down on them as well. This has been a recurring problem and on occasion some mods on this site don’t put their foot down and stop the bullying. This also make the fandom look toxic to an outsider and they probably will not keep coming back to this site. With G5 on the horizon we need to come together and say this is no longer acceptable on this site and ban it.

see that borderlines censorship on creativity honestly i say keep it but add tags so that people don't have to or want to see it won't, i'm all for it as long as it stays in fiction. but bullying someone over it i would've kicked their ass if i knew them you don't do that shit no matter who or what happened.

No no, I get it man, not at all attacking here. I am trying to show you that the overall view of fiction = RL thoughts, is false.

Here let me come from this angle. You write stories too, and some of yours have some pretty dark things in them. Does that mean you condone violence and murder, or perhaps are a murderer yourself? Now what about 'clop' that happens too, does that mean you approve of beastiality, or perhaps participate in it yourself?

What I am saying is, just because someone publishes something with foalcon in it, doesn't mean they are automatically a 'pedo'. There are no real people involved here, its a story, fiction. Just like all the other stories here in FiM, they have never, nor will ever actually exist or happen. It is a physical, impossibility.

The thing about this whole debacle is that PRINCESS CADANCE purposefully put a story that is literally an adult Sweetie Belle grooming a 9yo, in the Pride and Positivity group and made a blog about how pedos should be accepted.

Trust me I'm all for freedom of expression no matter if I don't like it, but the way the author behaved about the subject is what definitely got me really worried, the user wanted to advocate for pedos in an LGBTQ+ space. That is repulsive, I don't care how they want to put it, advocating for pedophilia irl in an LGBTQ+ space shouldn't be tolerated. It is manipulative, insincere, and completely unacceptable to advocate for your criminal, fucked up fetish with a flag from a community that doesn't want you, and for good reason.

I truly wish they get the help they need but threatening suicide doesn't absolve them from their wrongdoings either. They shouldn't have been pushed to commit suicide, the people that did that are part of the problem, but no one here is particularly a saint.

so it got put in that group (I have my own issues/thoughts on how we LGBTQ folk segregate ourselves but that's a whole other conversation). It should have been quietly removed from the group, and that is all. There was no need for the hoopla and drama kicked up over it. No need for the whole outrage, and seriously no need for the threats made.

Yet look around we still have 'people' (and I use that term very loosely, as they barely quality as humans), advocating for death, outting, legal punishment, banning, etc...

This is what comes of so called 'outrage culture' and it belittles us all. As humans, as writers, and as brony.


There was no need for the hoopla and drama kicked up over it. No need for the whole outrage, and seriously no need for the threats made.

I agree, the whole death threats situation was completely unnecessary and the people participating in it are very much part of the problem.

Still, it needed to be publically called out (in the sense that it had to be called out in the group), there is a lot of people on this website that endorse pedos way too lightly. As I said even if the death threats are unnecessary that behavior is wrong, trust me, as weird as it is to me, I am aware of the difference between a written piece of fiction with pedophilic tints and actually grooming and sexually abusing a child. The two aren't mutually inclusive, however, in this case it was. The user clearly wanted to gain acceptance for this behavior IRL and that is absolutely unacceptable.

Both parties are in the wrong here, one for pushing this harmful behavior in a group they don't belong to or endorse that behavior, and on the back of a good cause in a very slimy move. And the people that went as far as death threatening the author because of that. It shouldn't have happened I agree but a lot of people in this fandom accept the idea of writing child grooming and child porn of sentient creatures with human-like intelligence very lightly and it shouldn't be the case.

You are within your rights to do it but to think it's okay? As in like, there's nothing wrong with it? I am not saying you're harming children by having that mentality, but that mentality is not healthy for anyone upholding it.

The same can be said for any sex/clop (beastality) or violence (a lot of rape/forced stories on FiM, a lot of suicide stories, murder, etc). So are you saying only the 'foal' ones are bad, and the rest are acceptable?

I don't think you're getting my point here. My main issue is how the idea is conveyed and told to the audience by the author.

I don't think a psychopath advocating for rape, murder, violence, or bestiality in a story is ok. I never said it was ok, but maybe I wasn't clear enough. This fandom has always had a problem with a lot of people seeing foalcon as just part of the fandom. That really shouldn't be the case, the reason why the bestiality issue isn't as touched upon in let's say a romance fic between a human and a pony is because even then, the vast majority of stories depicting that act is still with a sentient creature with human-like intelligence that is, in the context and subtext of this fandom, an adult. The dynamic completely changes when a child is in that position.

And if this was someone advocating as you said for rape/forced stories, suicide stories, murder, bestiality, etc. And saying it was ok, I would think the same that I do here, the author is deranged, same shit different ass.

I want to put into perspective how what happened has an underlying issue, I mean the foalcon group has 4k members and most of the fics on there are child porn in written form. That's not normal, that's not right. I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to write about these topics ever but the acceptance of stories where authors paint child grooming and child fucking between adults and children as something "wholesome uwu" in the name of freedom of expression ain't right, and it all comes back to my main point, the author's intended message.

I've read lolita, and that book is a prime example of how to write a twisted, perverted, sick relationship without advocating for it, it does the exact opposite.

So I think my main point is that we shouldn't stay quiet, or at least not consider it normal that authors using a technicality are implying in their stories that child grooming/abuse is okay.

No no I get what your saying, and by the way thank you for being polite and articulating your points with intelligence.

I guess what I am saying is, just because it is "foal" it is no more or less "acceptable" than murder/rape/etc. stories are. That singling out one type, excluding the others, is at best hypocritical. I am in no way advocating for "free passes" of any story. Honestly it is stories like cupcakes, rainbow factory and FoE that are far more concerning that 'foal' is.

But, I get where you are coming from here, and I agree context also has a ton to do with it.

just because it is "foal" it is no more or less "acceptable" than loli/shota stories are. That singling out one type, excluding the others, is at best hypocritical. We should not give a free pass for hooves. Honestly, stories that normalize pedophilia and advocate for harm to minors are far more concerning than stories like project horizons that portray the absolute horror of rape and violence without glorifying it.

Yes, thank you for this. Pedophilia is pedophilia, no matter how you dress it up. That's an end to it.

This is Heresy, I have reported a few foalcon fics already cause I have seen them in the Scootaloo groups. Can we not normalize pedophillia? Please? I am here to write ponies and enjoy odd scenarios and adventures, sometimes write them. But foalcon? Really?

Do we have a petition for Knighty to do something, maybe our mods?

Be carful what you wish for you may get it. The next may be 40k crossovers because "gore". That is something people have to understand, once you 'ban' one thing, all things are on the table. Once on that hill, it is steep and slippery and holds no allegiance to anyone.

The difference here, is that you compare one accepted thing, to another unaccepted thing. Gore is a writing element and is perfectly alright to use in fiction and a descriptive in non fiction. Foalcon and by extention child pornography is a topic, one that shouldn't be fantasized about.

Am I making clear sense?

You are missing the point I was making. To use what you said "no one should fantasize about xyz" but what happens when others turn and say "gore is sick! it shouldn't be fantasized about" or "Reading about cartoon horses having sex is beastality and needs to be banned"

As I said in a previous post, it is not about defending any one type of story. It is about the fact once ONE is banned, they are ALL subject to it. You can't have your cake and eat it too, that is just not how the world works. Someone, somewhere is going to throw a fit about "40k in pony" and *snap* your story is banned, because precedent has been set. Pretty soon all we have is slice of life, happy happy stories that are cookie cutters of each other and anyone who steps outside of that, gets instantly banned.

People need to understand what they are asking for, because it is pretty clear most don't understand one bit the consequences of the actions,

Anywho I think at this point people are just going to get heated and angry. Best to let this drop before tempers flare.

You missed the point that child pornography of any kind is banned in the professional arena whereas gore and crossovers are not.

That was my point I sought to make. I understand what you are trying to say. In all honesty fan fiction is technically not legal in its own right and Hasbro or any company could have any story involving its works removed to protect its IP.


*coughs* Mind taking this to DMs please? Or in general, shutting this argument down? Points have been made, and now you're just going in circles.

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