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Hi, my name is Heroic412227, but you can call me Heroic. I'm still learning how to be the best writer I can be.

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My Sonic OC Personality Showcase · 6:35pm June 25th

These are the full personalities of my Sonic OCs so far. Enjoy.

Sid the Hero (Sidney Noah Franklin)

Usually described as a teenager who’s still a little kid at both heart and mind, Sid is normally optimistic, curious, friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, and adventurous with a happy-go-lucky attitude to boot. He loves to have fun and see the bright side of things, due to personally thinking that not every situation turns out for the worse and that things will get better if you think and act positively. He also loves excitement and adventure and hates boredom, wanting to make his life more extraordinary than it is now. He’s always ready to put a smile on everyone’s face and make new friends, so much that he can get saddened when someone doesn’t want to be his friend. He’s also able to motivate and inspire others with his constant optimism, giving him a great ability to gain allies and make friends.

Due to his sheltered upbringing, Sid’s optimism and enthusiasm can lead to him being reckless, impulsive, and immature, usually to the point of accidentally endangering others around him with his childish behavior. He’s also prone to throwing whatever he has at his hands, which can cause him to inadvertently leave others behind, even those who need him. While he doesn’t go outright ballistic, he does get a bit short-tempered when his buttons are pushed or when others are being hurt. He also has a strange love for most foods, except eggs and broccoli, and can be easily distracted when food is involved in any way. All these traits make him look obnoxious, annoying, and hard to deal with at times.

Despite his immature and reckless behavior, Sid does have his more mature and serious moments. He’s willing to take things seriously when it’s called for and is capable of thinking outside the box. He can be down-to-earth, determined and even hard-working when given a particular task. In spite of what people may think of him, he’s not slow-witted and is shown to be very intelligent, he just usually has trouble with emotional maturity and needs to get his head out of the clouds.

In addition to his optimism, Sid is very altruistic, compassionate, caring, warm, and honest with a strong sense of justice and love for others. He’s genuinely willing to help others when needed and can be a real sweetheart who sees others based on a more moralistic sense. He’s also usually courageous against most things, except for realistic bugs, insects, arachnids, the dark (formerly), and making life bad for others, and is willing to sacrifice himself for others with little regard for his own safety, even if it becomes unhealthy or unwise. The reasons why he’s a big fan of Sonic is because of his kind-heart, willingness to help others, and similar love for adventure.

After learning about how negatively his behavior was affecting others and the truth about reality, Sid becomes more self-conscious, self-hating, and hard-on-himself for unintentionally hurting others and strives to outgrow his immaturity. While he still retains his bright and friendly personality, he does slowly grow to become more mature, responsible, focused, grounded, and empathetic out of determination to not make the same, if not worse, mistakes that he made when he was younger for those he cares about. He even sheds his adventurous attitude and dislike of boredom in favor of a more modern and down-to-earth, yet still interesting balance.

At first, he was a bit misguided on the concept of true maturity, thinking of it as something that needs to be taught at whim and acts like a stereotypical version of a mature person using a book that teaches him how to be more mature. But after a few shenanigans that got him in trouble and a pep talk from Clover and the others, he finally learns that being mature is not that simple and he shouldn’t try to grow up too fast.

While he does retain his newfound maturity, he does gain new flaws that still hinder his drive to grow up for others. He becomes overly single-minded and self-destructive when trying to fix a mistake that he caused out of self-hatred, to the point of getting in over his head. He can also become a bit sarcastic and snarky at times when annoyed and inflexible when stressed. Despite this, he does figure out that he has a lot to learn about growing up and being a better person.

Sid is shown to have a great taste in both music and art, especially rock, ballad, and drawing. He got the latter from his father, who used to do a lot of drawing as a hobby when he was Sid’s age. Sid even wanted to become an art teacher before becoming invested in Sonic the Hedgehog during his pre-teen years.

Despite his immaturity, Sid personally doesn’t like to jump to conclusions or not hear others’ motives and sides of the story due to thinking that it can only lead to havoc and trouble. He also feels extreme guilt and self-reproach over his dead parents and becomes nervous and anxious of what might happen if they found out about his new transformation, powers, and adventures, possibly even viewing him as a freak and disgrace.

Despite usually being extroverted and wanting to make new friends, he doesn’t mind being by himself, either in his room or somewhere else. While it can be a bit lonely and even depressing, he still finds new ways to pass the time and have fun, like drawing, doing monologues, and playing video games.

However, underneath that optimistic and happy-go-lucky mask lies a person with a lot of personal and emotional baggage due to both current and past trauma, fears, and guilt. Sid, before his development, had a fear of change and growing up due to not wanting to lose the ones he cares about overtime. After his development, though, he started to put more responsibility and trauma towards himself than he should due to not wanting to be selfish again and not wanting to bother others with his own problems, even if it genuinely hurts him to the point of being self-destructive and extremely damaging. He also develops grief (mostly denial), self-hatred, and emotional pain as he feels indirectly responsible for not only his parents’ deaths, but his past treatment towards others as well. In addition, he’s been through a lot of life-threatening adventures that secretly causes him to gain PTSD. The reason why he still hides this is due to not wanting to appear negligent and inconsiderate towards others’ problems again. Despite that, he still loves to help others out of genuine care.

In a future episode, Clover’s Big Move, Sid has been shown to have trouble letting things go and not being able to see those that he’s been close with for a long time again. This inadvertently causes him to be a bit clingy and possessive, until realizing how much he’s hurting Clover and after being properly called out and given an emotionally powerful pep talk by Alex of all people. He now learns that nothing lasts forever and he needs to learn to accept and support her move like the friend/partner he’s supposed to be. After giving her a heartfelt apology and a hand-made goodbye card as a gift of remembrance, he tearfully watches as one of his two best friends and his love interest drives off.


Unlike most villains, whose actions are driven by a lust for power, control, revenge, or destruction, Ominous is an extremist who, after seeing all of the anger, greed, and torture that others have experienced, attempts to destroy all hatred, greed, fear, anger, conflict, suffering, sorrow, grief and evil in existence by any means necessary or at least the cause of all of it if necessary, even if it means using dark energy to destroy everything in existence, including himself. This, however, corrupted him into becoming cold, distant and insecure with having a deep and indescribable feeling of bitterness that led him into a somewhat nihilistic, misanthropic, and untrusting side on others, including himself, as well as gave him a very cynical viewpoint of everyone, including himself, having a dark side inside each one of everyone's hearts that must be destroyed before it affects each other, themselves, or others and makes things worse. He even views himself as evil, too.

Unlike Dr. Eggman, who usually has a massive ego, Ominous is very vigilant, observant, sometimes secretive, self-conscious, pessimistic, cynical and self-doubting, as he usually tries not to believe that he is better or stronger than anyone and takes both his allies and enemies just as seriously as they do him, which is very serious, as well as treats them like a worthy opponent. At the same time, though, he is very persistent and refuses to give up or cower down when being defeated, as he sees it as a sign of fear and torture, unless he realizes what he has done and accepts it with fortitude and guilt.

He is also usually very calm, cool, serious, composed, stoic, sophisticated, patient and affable, though he can be distraught or disgusted when things don't go exactly as he intended at times. However, he rarely, if ever, gets angry or loses his temper, and chooses to suppress it, along with his other negative feelings and dark side, due to hating anger of any kind so much. Sometimes when confronted, Ominous would try to get people to sympathize and see his perspective, only to question, call out, and even blame them when ignored, dismissed or disbelieved. Despite this, he can be very admirable, courteous, loyal, and modest, especially when seeing his friends or foes succeed in proving their true potential and he usually takes rejection with a grain of salt. He even willingly decides to give in to his friends and foes requests and help them when in distress and is a person of his word. When he fails to meet others wishes, he always feels genuinely guilty and apologizes in return.

Also unlike most villains who refuse to take their defeat(s) and get distraught when defeated, Ominous chooses to accept his fate because he realizes that he deserves it when finally realizing what he's done. His contempt for evil and torture also has leaded him into self-hatred and inner guilt to the point where he usually tries to punish himself or cause self-harm when he finally realizes that he's doing the same thing that he was trying to stop. He also tries to reject redemption or remorse when he feels that he doesn't deserve forgiveness for being just as, if not more so, evil than who he assumes to be everybody else. This is the reason why he tries to change himself along with the rest of existence.

Despite all this, he can be at times merciful when he sees an person cowering down in fear in front of himself and others, due to his dislike for fear and torture and the fact that he doesn't want to repeat the same incident as he did to the new kid. He is also willing to save others when needed.

His bitter contempt for seeing others fear him and others has even caused him to see things like friendship, materialism, and retribution as a sign of threat, torture, manipulation, and selfishness, in a word, "evil" and seeing that you sometimes can't trust anyone, not even yourself; which is what he usually indicates to Sonic and his friends when confronted in battle.

Clover Hagen

Clover is a very smart, kind, nurturing, and friendly girl with a strong sense of integrity. She’s usually hard-working, down-to-earth, and straightforward, often very determined to get a job done when needed and loves to be very organized. She acts as both the leader and voice of reason for her friends when they do something wrong or foolish.

Clover is also somewhat of a tomboy who loves to play Soccer and Dodgeball. She also usually enjoys playing video games and wearing a shirt and pants at times. Despite that, she does have a girly side to her personality that she’s very insecure about due to her past experiences with sexist bullies. She has a soft spot for children, especially babies. She sometimes doesn’t mind wearing a dress or skirt when going to special events and secretly likes pink more than green, but doesn’t want to fall into stereotypes.

In spite of her good qualities, she isn’t perfect. She’s very headstrong, stubborn, and hard on herself when she does something wrong due to her overbearing parents. She also has a fear of criticism and being ridiculed, being very sensitive at times when her feelings get hurt to the point of tears. She can also be overly-critical, judgmental, and sardonic. She’s also very snarky and sarcastic at times when annoyed, but she does mean well and is very remorseful when going too far. Her main character flaw is her perfectionist attitude and desire to always do things right, giving her serious self-confidence issues, especially when she feels like she failed to live up to her parents and others’ expectations.

However, even she isn’t immune to acting irrational or misjudging a situation. As she does tend to jump to conclusions at times due to personally thinking that she can anticipate what’s happening or what’s going to happen. This can lead to conflict and self-hatred when she’s proven wrong. She can also get into arguments herself with her friends, especially Alex, when their differences clash with one another, leading to someone else to mediate them.

After some help and support from her friends and realizing that her parents only did what they did out of genuine love and wanting what’s best for her, she became much more fun-loving and willing to take risks when needed. She also becomes a lot more confident with herself due to said support. While she does have her judgmental attitude, stubbornness, and insecurities, they’re more toned down and are less present than before.

Alex Edurus

Alex has the most attitude out of all his friends. Usually cynical, arrogant, proud, and sarcastic to a fault, he likes to think very highly of himself and can be very offended when proven otherwise. He loves action and is prone to get into fights, marking him as very brawny, brash, and aggressive. He also hates boredom and sharing his personal feelings with others, including his friends and loved ones.

While normally cool, determined, and laid-back when in a good mood, he can be very short-tempered and hard to reason with at times when his buttons are pushed or when stressed or upset. He’s very distrusting and prone to seeing the worst in others, except for those close to him. He can also be a bit of a troublemaker. All these traits can lead to inadvertently getting both him and others into trouble and cause friction between him and his loved ones at times.

While far from genius-level intellect, Alex is a lot smarter and more competent than he looks and has basic common sense, able to understand the dangers and difficulties of real life. He’s also very perceptive, resourceful, and observant, able to notice and understand the feelings of others and work with what he has to his advantage. While he is mostly failing in his classes, it’s mostly due to a lack of effort rather than pure stupidity. He’s also a great cook and a more hard-working person than he lets on, especially when he’s not at school.

Despite his attitude, Alex does have his redeeming, heroic, and good-natured qualities. He has a strong and fierce sense of loyalty towards those he cares about. He deeply and genuinely cares about his friends and loved ones and will do whatever it takes to help them, even risking his own life and personal values when needed. He’s also quick to see the error of his ways when he realizes that his attitude and behavior has gone too far and will do anything to make things right again, even apologizing if he has to.

Additionally, in spite of his brash and aggressive attitude, he refuses to go against those who are weaker than him or who can’t defend themselves. He’s also very courageous and brave in the face of most dangers, except for snakes, and will genuinely stand up for those who can’t do so themselves. He can be very supportive and encouraging to his friends and others when they’re down or discouraged and hates bullies or those who would do things far worse than he would do, like killing or making fun of the handicapped.

He also hates doing gross things and doesn’t like it when others do it as well. Alex has a dry and snarky sense of humor and tends to make jokes and remarks when annoyed.

However, underneath that tough and unruly exterior lies a self-hating, insecure, and emotionally scarred person. Due to the way his horrible family treated him after his mother’s death, Alex, deep down, thinks of himself as unlovable and undeserving of care. He also has a secret fear of his own insecurities and tries to put on a tough persona so that his family and others would think that he’s cool and deserving of love and he would have to numb his emotional pain. He also hates himself for being a jerk and feels immense guilt for both his actions and for inadvertently being the cause of his mother’s death immediately after his birth, thinking that he’s irredeemable despite all the genuine good he’s done.

After some help and advice from his friends and loved ones, as well as a personal psychiatrist and realizing that his bad attitude doesn’t make him cool, Alex does become a warmer and friendlier person who’s willing to share his feelings with others when needed. While he does still have his snarky, moody, and temperamental attitude, it’s become more toned down and less present than before. He also has less self-esteem issues and more willing to see himself as someone who’s deserving of love and respect.

Rana Franklin

Rana is usually bold, curious, and inquisitive to a fault. She loves to learn new things and figure out how they work in spite of having trouble doing that at times. She can be somewhat whiny, bratty, naïve, spoiled, and a bit of a snitch, especially when she spots her older brother, Sid, doing something out of the ordinary, such as self-monologuing or playing too loud.

Despite that, she’s genuinely sweet-hearted and compassionate, as well as shares a mutual love and concern for others with her brother. In spite of her somewhat naïve and bold attitude, she does have at least some amount of basic common sense, and judgement and is pretty smart and observant for her age. She also ironically wants Sid to grow up from his usual immaturity due to getting tired and annoyed of it, but she still loves him a lot. She’s also very grateful when others help her out with something.

Rana is also very socially awkward and has trouble making real friends on her own due to her implied autism. This causes her to feel a bit lonely and believe that no one wants to be friends with her no matter what. However, she has made some friends in the form of small animals and imaginary friends.

She loves the two colors, pink and orange, her favorite food is strawberries, and she loves to wear makeup and play dress up when no one’s looking. Despite that, she also loves baseball and is very good at it. Her favorite animal is frogs, especially baby ones, and she doesn’t mind getting dirty if she has to, especially if the ones she cares about are hurt or in danger. She also has a huge fear of ghosts and spirits and hates Halloween because of that.

Overtime, she does become less bratty and more mature, as well as getting to know more about more complex things that she had trouble with in the past. While she’s still socially awkward and spoiled, they have been toned down and are less present than before. Rana even acts as a mediator when all her friends and/or family are fighting or arguing using her cuteness and compassion.

Sandra Franklin

Sandra is a smart, overly-ambitious and passionate person with a deep desire to build and invent the best invention possible for everyone. Due to her parents always wanting her to succeed in their field and her constant bullying problem for her previous failed inventions during her youth, she always strives to make an invention that will gain the approval of not only her family, but others as well.

However, she can also be very prideful and haughty in her skills and talents to the point of lacking the proper foresight needed when her inventions don’t go so well as she expects. She can also feel disheartened when she continues to fail at her dreams and is prone to temporarily quit as a result. Nevertheless, she always picks herself back up with the help of her loved ones.

Despite her ambition, she’s very nurturing and kind-hearted to a fault. She genuinely cares about her family and others and loves to build for them. Though she can be stern and assertive when her kindness is taken advantage of, she still remains supportive, caring, and overprotective of her loved ones.

Aside from inventing, she has other interests as well. She loves asparagus and lima beans, but hates chicken. This is because, unlike her grandson, she’s somewhat of a vegetarian. She loves playing chess with Clover, watching movies, and listening to music, though she does tend to cry almost every time she experiences sad ones and become frightened when she experiences scary ones, especially jump scares from the latter.

Underneath that pride and haughtiness is a woman who hides poor self-esteem issues due to her constant bullying problem. She also believes that if her inventions cause more harm than good for the ones she loves, then she’ll feel unloved and unappreciated.

Overtime, though, she does learn to be more humble and willing to accept her faults when needed. While her flaws don’t completely go away, they are toned down and are less present as a result.

Bob Franklin

Bob is a stern and hard-working man who tries his best to keep the house afloat and make sure that everyone living in it is safe and happy. This is due to what happened to his other family when he was a child and didn’t want the same thing to happen to his current family.

He’s very close-minded, strict, cynical, surly, and stubborn. He tends to keep to himself and doesn’t seem to trust many people besides his loved ones. He also can be very overprotective and always keeping a watchful eye on those he’s trying to protect.

Despite that, he’s very fun-loving, compassionate, and playful when hanging out with them. He genuinely cares about them and only wants to keep them from harm’s way. He also cares about his family’s friends, though he doesn’t approve of Alex’s attitude. He can also relate to both him and Clover due to their similar personality traits to his own, but that doesn’t stop him from caring about the rest of his loved ones.

He can also be very fanatical, excitable, and enthusiastic when it comes to sports, due to being a sports teacher. He can also give great advice to others when needed. Of all the sports he loves, his favorites are both basketball and baseball. He also loves to eat kimchi and other sour foods as well.

Due to his tragic past, Bob has a great fear of fire and death respectively. This causes him to panic when near fire or even when both of them are mentioned at times.

Over the years, he’s learned to be less grouchy and let his loved ones fend for themselves. He also learned to not let his past define him and either stay in the present or look forward to the future. He still has his flaws, but they’re toned down and less present than before.

Sorry for making them too long, though. What do you think of each of them? Which one is your favorite and why? Let me know by either replying to this blog or via PM. Thank you and have a great day.

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