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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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    Imagine insulting your fans?

    I wonder what would happen?

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  • Monday
    Princess Celestia's weight?

    How heavy is big sunhorse? That's something I need to know. Canon version, not my crazy fan fiction version.

    She seems to have a fondness for cake, so that doesn't do her any favors for her weight.

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  • Saturday
    Anyone make maps for Age of Empires 2?

    Any of my followers make maps for Age of Empires 2? I made a Middle East Diplomacy map recently. Can be found under mods on https://www.ageofempires.com/

    I do more than just writing about pony butts.

    My map.

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    Ideas for new stories?

    Any stories you wish me to write? Have a request? Or simply want to share some ideas with me.

    You can PM me. Or contact me by My Discord: Bendy#6695

    No charge. But note, there is no guarantee I will make it.

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  • 1 week
    What would Twilight think of this song?

    Would it speak to her? I'm Reading a Book, by Julian Smith.

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Who do you like best to romance in the Mass Effect series? · 4:36pm June 15th

For me, it has to be Liara. Blue nerdy alien babe melted my heart. She's smart, strong, and beautiful. She kinda reminds me of Twilight Sparkle. Even though I wasn't a Brony back then, since MLP FIM didn't exist yet, but even then I only became a Brony in about 2012 or so. Man, I wish I joined the party in 2010. I missed those two years.

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IIRC, the only way to see what Quarians actually look like in-game is to romance Tali. That's the sort of curiosity that would drive me to pursue romance at all.

Sober #2 · June 15th · · ·

Tali'Zorah best girl. Planning to do the full trilogy w/ Liara after I finish this one though. Heard daddyBio was good to her.

Tali. Or Liara. Either or.

Dude I go for tali every time she’s adorable

Tali, Tali, Tali. And when playing femshep, I save edit to do Tali again lol. She was my first video game crush <3 and I've only really had 3 in total.
Though I did really like Ashley in ME1, it never lasted lol.

Edit: Lots of Tali supporters <3 Best MEGirl. Just goes to show all you need is a cute voice and confident (kick ass) personality to win hearts. Thinking about it now, her personality would work well for a late teen / adult Scootaloo. And I love Scoots lol

Liara ME1, then Tali'Zorah the rest of the way.

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