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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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  • Tuesday
    Back to work...

    At the office following vacation, where I continue to man the fort pretty much alone while everyone else works from home, and on Feathered Hearts, where I have decided to do one more all-new transition chapter before resuming work on editing the original chapters. The objective is to merge the new storyline back into the original and smooth the way forward. As for why, when I thought about

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    New M-rated Story by AJ_Aficionado...

    For the Summer Sin Celebration. For those of you unfamiliar with it, participating in it means you’re basically part of a story exchange; given an assignment to write someone else’s story request and keep it of limited length. This was the result of AJA’s assignment:

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  • 1 week
    Book 3, Chapter 6 of Into the Storm launches tonight...

    It’s amazing what a little time off can do for your creative juices. I have a couple rounds of editing and need to make two or three minor maps in Photoshop before it’s fully ready, but ready it will be for launch this evening. Hopefully that will be a good way for readers to start their weekends.

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  • 1 week
    Next Firefly chapter underway

    After a work-enforced two weeks away from writing, I’m finally on a weeklong vacation, and the result has been rapid progress on the next Firefly chapter, now at 6500 words and growing quickly. Though I’m uncertain of its final length, there’s a very good chance you’re going to see it launched on or before the weekend. Prereaders, stand by.

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  • 2 weeks
    At long last...

    I have an actual vacation on the way after a full month of extra hours. It’s been approved for next week, and I plan to do little but decompress and catch up on chores. Actual travel will be limited to maybe a day at the beach.

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'Twas the night before FH:E release... · 2:00am May 31st

And it would be a lie to say I don't feel some anxiety over it. Still some work to do, from writing the Author's Notes to the introductory blog. It's been a six-week journey coming to an end tomorrow... or maybe it's only beginning. How, I can't help but wonder, will it be received? You just never know. It might be a huge hit--you don't see much griffon/human action on site, so this could certainly be filling a neglected niche--or it could end up flopping and doing damage to the main story in the process. :unsuresweetie:

But I haven't come all this way to get cold hooves now. It's time. As promised, you'll be getting one main story chapter and five side story chapters tomorrow morning, with an additional five side story chapters to be released at the rate of one per day after. For those wondering, you do NOT have to read the side story first before coming back to the main story. In fact, if you don't care for clop, you don't have to read the side story at all.

Let me say that again: reading the side story first is NOT a requirement for the new main story chapter, nor is reading the side story at all. Events in the side story will be hinted at in the main story, but (mostly) not remembered. But how they came about they will very much be explained, and I say again: there is intrigue afoot in the Griffon Kingdom. These events were not natural, but carefully arranged by unknown parties.

Why the hell, you may ask, would someone want to cause a massive amount of M-rated action between humans and griffons? Well... all I'll say for now is: that's not the outcome they were hoping for!

All will be explained, I promise. And yes, the explanation actually makes perfect sense to the story and the greater verse this takes place in, including my additional headcanon. Reading will hopefully be believing! But regardless, it's time, folks. The side story is now sitting on its launchpad and being fully fueled. There's plenty of new content to come, as nearly 60k words (!) are going to be dropped into the Feathered Hearts storyline over the next week.

It's been a fun story to write, and I hope very much, to read. There will be an introductory blog released tomorrow morning with the story as well, if you want more detail before diving in. Not much else to say before then, except... enjoy the ride!

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Why the hell, you may ask, would someone want to cause a massive amount of M-rated action between humans and griffons?

You just never know. It might be a huge hit--you don't see much griffon/human action, so this could certainly be filling a neglected niche

:rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh: :trollestia:

KMCA #2 · May 31st · · ·

I mean, after drinking enough hard cider it's hard not to fill a hole when you find it.

AH YEAA! HERE IT COMES :pinkiehappy:

Isn't it the 31st yet in the US? :fluttercry:

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