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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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  • Tuesday
    Back to work...

    At the office following vacation, where I continue to man the fort pretty much alone while everyone else works from home, and on Feathered Hearts, where I have decided to do one more all-new transition chapter before resuming work on editing the original chapters. The objective is to merge the new storyline back into the original and smooth the way forward. As for why, when I thought about

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    New M-rated Story by AJ_Aficionado...

    For the Summer Sin Celebration. For those of you unfamiliar with it, participating in it means you’re basically part of a story exchange; given an assignment to write someone else’s story request and keep it of limited length. This was the result of AJA’s assignment:

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    Book 3, Chapter 6 of Into the Storm launches tonight...

    It’s amazing what a little time off can do for your creative juices. I have a couple rounds of editing and need to make two or three minor maps in Photoshop before it’s fully ready, but ready it will be for launch this evening. Hopefully that will be a good way for readers to start their weekends.

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    Next Firefly chapter underway

    After a work-enforced two weeks away from writing, I’m finally on a weeklong vacation, and the result has been rapid progress on the next Firefly chapter, now at 6500 words and growing quickly. Though I’m uncertain of its final length, there’s a very good chance you’re going to see it launched on or before the weekend. Prereaders, stand by.

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  • 2 weeks
    At long last...

    I have an actual vacation on the way after a full month of extra hours. It’s been approved for next week, and I plan to do little but decompress and catch up on chores. Actual travel will be limited to maybe a day at the beach.

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Weekly update on Feathered Hearts main and side stories · 2:16pm May 9th

Well, I've been a busy boi. In the past week, I have written a whopping 16,000 words on both the main and side story, though mostly the side story. I've worked on two chapters for that, with a brand new one completed at 11k words. Though at that length, there's a good chance I'm going to break it in two, and then turn what it describes into a three-chapter arc. That would give me no less than five finished side story chapters, and put us on track for a Memorial Day weekend (late May) publish date, just two weeks away.

I also started working on the first main story chapter after the side story, to basically give me some idea of what I was aiming for and what aftermath I needed to work towards. I promised there was intrigue at play in these events, and you're going to find out just what it was, including who was responsible, what they did, and what they hoped to happen/gain. Expect a rather dramatic reveal, resulting in a badly embarrassed Council of Crows.

I want that chapter ready in time for the side story launch, so I'll have an entry point to the side story from the main story--that way, I can link the freshly-launched side story from within the author's notes of the new main story chapter, hopefully boosting traffic to it and the chances it'll catch fire.

If you'd like at least a mild spoiler of something that's going to happen, I'll say that I will be bringing Giraldi into the side story, for a very good reason--he's needed. If you want more information: As I thought about it, I realized that neither Tara nor Fortrakt are experienced and might not be able to make things work right away, particularly with Tara as confused and uncertain as she would initially be, even with the cider's help.

So why not have Tara be with an experienced and observant griffon who can give her a gentle introduction to griffon sensuality and teach her what she needs to know, helping her overcome her fears and worries first? This way, I can also use Giraldi to teach the reader about griffon sexual culture--it goes well beyond mating rounds--including their concepts of foreplay, marriage and faithfulness.

That will be a test of making an unexpected encounter work, and then still saving something for Fortrakt after. Actually, you definitely don't need to worry about the latter. He'll have plenty when the time comes, and Tara will put what she learned to good use. And likely not only with him!

More updates to follow. Bottom line: still no sign of this story train stopping. With my muse still having a whale of a time and churning out chapters one after another, target release date remains two weeks from today, with at least six side story chapters ready to go plus the new main story one.

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That is quite a bank of chapters you're getting there. I look forward to the release whenever they, and you, are ready!

Busy busy busy


That is quite a bank of chapters you're getting there. I look forward to the release whenever they, and you, are ready!

And I look forward to releasing them! It's been hard waiting, to be honest, to have all this material ready but have to hold it back. It's just as well, though. That way, I can make sure everything's consistent first and come back and edit the earlier chapters before release if I have to.





Busy busy busy

Indeed I am! I haven't been this inspired in a while. :raritystarry:

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