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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.

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    First of the Month update and a new non-MLP story

    Dear followers, readers, folks out there in the interwebs...

    It's September first! And therefore it's time for me to total up my verbiage. However, I have a new non-MLP fanfic written. It's a challenge posted on the Space Battles forums: write a fanfic based off of the first transformers toy owned. mine was G1 Bluestreak, back in 1984. So here it is, 'Cacophony of Silence'.

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    First of the month update

    Dear followers, readers, folks all around...

    Today is August first! Therefore it's time for me to total up my verbiage. And... I was admittedly feeling more than a bit burnt out. Sorry, all. :( Work's been hectic and annoying. Fortunately I'm on vacation this week.

    So... carry the negative four, divide by...

    6,378 words for the month of July.

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    First of the Month update

    Dear followers, readers, random passers by...

    It is July first! And you know what that means! You... do know what that means, right?

    Well... time for me to total up my writing, pony and non-pony, and see what I've got! So carry the 6, divide...

    8,217 words for the month of June.

    Okay, more like it. :) Thanks to you all for sticking by me!

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    First of the Month update

    Dear followers, readers, rubber-neckers to this car crash of an account...

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    Chaos Runs Rampant updated

    Dear followers and readers...

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Chaos Runs Rampant updated! · 1:32am March 31st

Dear followers, readers, anyone seeing this...

Chapter seven of Chaos Runs Rampant is live! I'd like to thank the folks at Space Battles, and you folks for reading. I know I'm a slowpoke, so i appreciate your patience. :)

And, as always, because I'm shameless, the trope page is here, just in case. ;)

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