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    Well, this is awkward.

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If the Mane Six played Lancer · 3:35pm February 25th

Because I can't keep my brain on track, have a mental exercise. Lancer is a sweet tabletop RPG I've been playing, featuring mech pilots in a nifty far future setting. But which ones would are favorite ponies take into battle? Here's my take.

Applejack: Blackbeard
This straightforward frontline brawler features a grappling hook system to 'lasso' foes, and also excels at ramming into things with great force. Sounds like her forte to me.

Pinkie: Pegasus
Looking more like a human with weird foot hands than a pony, the Pegasus is an artillery frame (party cannons, woohoo!). It comes equipped with the Ushabti Omnigun, a weapon with unknowable geometry which should not work, but does anyway.

Fluttershy: Lancaster
The Lancaster is a support mech, focusing on repairing allies instead of attacking enemies. Or course, it isn't helpless, and can shred you with a plasma cutter if the need arises, or if Fluttershy gets angry enough.

Rarity: White Witch
A mech so chic it's not even commonly available yet, the White Witch can create whatever it needs from metallic fluid. Usually, that ends up being needles. Lots and lots of enormous needles.

Rainbow Dash: Mourning Cloak
Because nothing says 'I am speed' quite like being able to teleport halfway across the map to cut people in half. She likely also has the GMS flight system installed, for maximum mobility. On top of that, it also comes with a rocket launcher and the ability to phase right through solid objects. No crashing here!

Twilight: Iskander
With this mech, Twilight can tactically manipulate gravity itself, hurling foes this way and that to damage them or protect her friends. And when she wants to go all-out, she can deploy a ridiculous quantity of hovering explosive mines.

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Comments ( 4 )

Moving your foes around plus mines? That's some serious synergy. Contrast the redundancy of teleportation and the ability to phase through solid objects.

Don't know anything about this – tabletop games were never my thing – but I like the idea of the Mourning Cloak. Hit & run is my jam.

Forgot about this blog, which is a great shame. Excellent choices.

Also, I definitely see Sunset piloting a Genghis. Look, there is a time and a place for diplomacy. If the giant robots are already deployed, that time has passed. You have entered the time for fire. Lots and lots of fire.

Funnily enough, I am involving Sunset with Lancer now. I just started writing a crossover Sunflower fic for Scampy's contest. My brain was hit with a unique romantic dynamic for them that only really works in Lancer's setting.

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